Exhauss Exo Skeleton System. Abel Cine NAB 2015


Here is the new Exhauss exo skeleton system. This looks like a good option for long days of handheld gimbal work. Adam was just an attendee and gave us his take on it while wearing the system. The base price is $5500 US. Available now at Abel Cine. Click here to check it out.Read More

Wescott Flex LED light. NAB 2015


Here is the killer new Flex LED light from Wescott. Killer looking LED lights Bi-Color with battery power. Check them out at FJWescott.Read More

Redrock Micro Halo Wireless follow Focus System. NAB 2015


Here is a quick look at the new Halo wireless follow focus system from Redrock Micro. It works off an android platform with existing RRM motors and transmitters. This is a highly intuitive system that could work great for many things. Let’s just hope they can deliver this time. Check them out at Redrock Micro.Read More

Movi Mimic Demo. NAB 2015


Here is a quick demo of the new Mimic controller from Freely Systems. It will work with any Movi and looks pretty cool. Base price is around $500 US. Check them out here.  Read More

Zoom F8 Field Recorder Prototype And Q8 Camera. NAB 2015


Here is a first look at the new Zoom F8 Prototype Field Recorder. An eight track battery powered beast.  They also have the nifty little Q8 camera audio recorder for around $350 US.  A hint at 4K for the next gen maybe? Check them out at Zoom  Read More

First Look. Zacuto Gratical Eye EVF $1500 US. NAB 2015


Here is a first look at the new Zacuto Gratical Eye prototype. Jens did not have a lot of info on the brand new EVF just yet. The basics are this, SDI In. External battery power. Base price of $1500 US. Al metal construction and a killer design. Check it out at Zacuto  Read More

DJI New M Handhled Gimbal Stabilizer System Under $2K US. NAB 2015


We snuck into NAB 2015 with an exhibitor badge to grab this quick iPhone BTS of Dan Chung and his team checking out the new DJI M for “Mini”gimbal handheld stabilizer system. The best info I could get prior to release was around $2K US. That would be a killer price for this type of system. No mention of weight restrictions or battery life yet. They also showed off a nifty little wireless...Read More

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