New Sony a7RII Announced With 4K Internal Recording. $3200 US


Sony announced the new a7RII with 4K internal recording. This is the camera I have ben waiting for. It’s not cheap at around three grand for the body only. A Full Frame forty two mega pixel 4K beast sounds really nice! Here is a rip from the BH Photo website.     Click here to check it out. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 42 MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor BIONZ X Image Processor Internal UHD...Read More

Sony a7R Price Drop Or Error Slashed To $199 US.


***UPDATE*** Looks like they might have figured out the error. Link no longer works. Bummer. Mike Sutton of Frozen Prosperity found this killer deal on the Sony a7R camera. It’s either an error or the biggest price drop I have ever seen. The list on this puppy is $2299. Sony has it now for $199. I ordered one. Let’s just hope they honor the advertised price. A HUGE THANKS to Mike Sutton! Check him...Read More

Dreaming Awake Web Series Kickstarter Has Great Camera Rewards.


Dave Aldrich of D|Focus has a killer Kickstarter campaign for his new web series “Dreaming Awake” I have worked with him on a few of these shoots and he has access to the top hang glider pilots in the world. They are almost at their goal and could use a little help. They have some great camera related rewards. Here is a rip from the KS page. Click here to check it out. “Hang...Read More

New Zeiss Batis Lenses Announced. 25mm f2 and 85mm f1.8. Sony E Mount


The new 25mm f2.0 and 85mm f1.8 are like baby Otus lenses. They have a similar feel and build quality. I got the chance to check them out briefly and they will be a killer addition to any Sony E mount camera. The digital read out will be great in low light situations and seems to be the future of lenses. These should be great for both stills and motion. News Shooter has them...Read More

Exhauss Exo Skeleton System. Abel Cine NAB 2015


Here is the new Exhauss exo skeleton system. This looks like a good option for long days of handheld gimbal work. Adam was just an attendee and gave us his take on it while wearing the system. The base price is $5500 US. Available now at Abel Cine. Click here to check it out.Read More

Wescott Flex LED light. NAB 2015


Here is the killer new Flex LED light from Wescott. Killer looking LED lights Bi-Color with battery power. Check them out at FJWescott.Read More

Redrock Micro Halo Wireless follow Focus System. NAB 2015


Here is a quick look at the new Halo wireless follow focus system from Redrock Micro. It works off an android platform with existing RRM motors and transmitters. This is a highly intuitive system that could work great for many things. Let’s just hope they can deliver this time. Check them out at Redrock Micro.Read More

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