Letus Announces Anamorphic Adapter For GoPro Hero 3+ Camera. $199US


The cool cats over at Letus have announced a kick ass looking anamorphic adapter for the GoPro Hero 3+.  We can expect some killer vistas in the near future with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio and extreme wides in SuperView mode. Anything to get rid of the GoPro “Look”. Letus claims that “In 1080p shooting mode, the Letus AnamorphX-GP will convert the GoPro’s standard 16:9 aspect ratio footage into a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio without...Read More

Blackmagic Drops Zip File Footge From New 4K BMCC. Shipping Soon!


The good folks over at Blackmagic Design have posted some ProRes footage over on their blog for you to download and play with. The fils size is pretty big at 10GB. According to C5D “Windows users complained about a corrupted ZIP archive via the original Blackmagic link.” They have uploaded it on their servers as well. Click here for that. I am super excited for this camera to hit the street. If this footy is...Read More

First US Screening Of Our Film “The Board Of Education”. Los Angeles December 15th.


We will be screening our film The Board Of Education December 15th at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. If you are local LA please try and make it to the show. Help us spread the word by sharing this link! Thanks so very much for your support. Here is the official press release.   The Board of Education Documentary has first US screening   After a successful Kickstarter Campaign to fund...Read More

Back Bone Cine Mod GoPro Hero 3. Nikon Lens Mount Adapter.


Back Bone has announced a face plate lens adapter for the GoPro Hero 3 camera. It looks like they have both C-Mount and Nikon mount adapters. This requires some minor surgery to the camera but should be well worth the effort. Finally we can use real glass on these puppies! Back Bone has no release date or price just yet. Here is a rip from the website. A Big THANKS! to @EricDiosay for the lead....Read More

Anamorphic Lens Adapter For iPhone 5. Kickstarter Project By Moondog Labs


Here is a super cool Kickstarter project from Moondog Labs. They have developed a killer 1.33X Anamorphic adapter for the iPhone 5s. The Kickstarter campaign has just starter but they have sold out on the cheap seats. The 1.33x anamorphic adapter will set you back around one hundred smackers but looks too cool to pass up. Click here to check it out. Here is a rip from the Kickstarter post. “Anamorphic lenses were introduced...Read More

The Letus Anamorphx Adapter – Part 1


This is part 1 of a 2-part post.  The second post will be linked with sample videos and frame grabs of 1080-4K samples What is an anamorphic lens?  An anamorphic lens squeezes a widescreen image onto a non-widescreen aspect ratio.  Why would you want to do this?  It allows you to retain as much resolution as possible to achieve a cinematic widescreen aspect ratio, negating the need to crop the top and bottom of...Read More

Mastor Tech Moto Gimbal Stabilizer For Smart Phones and DSLR’s.


Cheesy Cam has the scoop on some killer new gimbal stabilized mounts from Mastor Tech at Photo Plus Expo 2013. The killer new tech is not available until 2014. Mastor Tech has a few versions that will work with an iPhone up to a larger DSLR like the Canon 5D MK3. The Pronghorn looks like a full blown package with focus controls and wireless monitor. No mention of pricing yet. Here is a rip...Read More

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