The Stubilizer Compact GoPro Gyro Stabilizer. Kickstarter Project


This looks like a really cool addition to any GoPro camera. The name alone is worth a look. The Stubilizer is a compact gyro stabilized mount for the GoPro. There are three different models starting at around $250 US for the basic version. The three axis pro version will set you back around $350 US. The results are quite good for such a compact system.  Here is a rip from the Kickstarter page. Click...Read More

Chinon Announces The Bellami HD-1 Digital Super 8 Camera.


The Hipster camera movement is gaining momentum with the announcement of the new Chinon Bellami HD-1 Digital Super 8mm Cine Camera. There is not a lot of info about this camera yet. Here is a rip from the Personal View blog with pricing at around $850 US. The Bellami HD-1 looks tiny in the hands of the model. Lets hope it has a unique look to match. Here is a rip from the personal...Read More

The Zylight F8 LED Fresnel


For those who already follow me on twitter or have seen some of my high-speed work in the past few months know I am a big fan of the Zylight F8 LED fresnel.  There are tons of LED panels on the market currently and more and more popping up everyday.  There are however a select few LED fresnel lights on the market and even fewer that actual are feature rich, hold color temp and...Read More

The Board Of Education. A Documentary About Corporal Punishment In US Public Schools.


Corporal punishment was found to be cruel and unusual punishment by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in 1968. It is banned in the U.S. military, in correctional facilities and in mental institutions however, use of the paddle is still allowed in many U.S. public schools. More than two hundred thousand students are hit every year by their teachers, principals or coaches with many incidents resulting in injury. A bill...Read More

First Look Video. Letus Anamorphx Adapter For The GoPro Hero 3+


Here is a quick test with the killer new Letus Anamorphx adapter for the GoPro Hero 3+. The adapter screws on to the existing GoPro Hero Underwater and Skeleton housing with the existing 4 screws and gasket. This version was a prototype and had a slight edge blur on the camera right side. All good for the current versions soon to hit the street. The Letus Anamorphix adapter will set you back around two...Read More

Letus Announces Anamorphic Adapter For GoPro Hero 3+ Camera. $199US


The cool cats over at Letus have announced a kick ass looking anamorphic adapter for the GoPro Hero 3+.  We can expect some killer vistas in the near future with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio and extreme wides in SuperView mode. Anything to get rid of the GoPro “Look”. Letus claims that “In 1080p shooting mode, the Letus AnamorphX-GP will convert the GoPro’s standard 16:9 aspect ratio footage into a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio without...Read More

Blackmagic Drops Zip File Footge From New 4K BMCC. Shipping Soon!


The good folks over at Blackmagic Design have posted some ProRes footage over on their blog for you to download and play with. The fils size is pretty big at 10GB. According to C5D “Windows users complained about a corrupted ZIP archive via the original Blackmagic link.” They have uploaded it on their servers as well. Click here for that. I am super excited for this camera to hit the street. If this footy is...Read More

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