DSLR Dynamics Video Visuals Tour With Barry Andersson and Planet Mitch.


Planet Mitch of Planet5D and Barry Andersson have teamed up to bring you the DSLR dynamics Video Visuals Tour. They have set up a sweet 15% discount for WOC viewers.  “It is only valid until September 30th so don’t delay! You can find all of the cities and dates here. The code is “wideopencamera15″ and put that code into the box on the registration page:”   Here is a rip from the Vimeo post. “JOIN US AND LEARN...Read More

Sony 4K Handycam FDR-AX1 Sample Video.


Here is a little sample video from the new Sony 4K Handycam FDR-AX1. It’s too bad they only show mostly landscapes and beauty shots. I would have loved to see some skin tones in this video. The new Handycam FDR-AX1 should hit the street sonn with a price of around five thousand smackers. Not too bad for a fixed lens job. Let’s hope they release an E-Mount version soon. Here is a rip from...Read More

The new age of aerial photography and FPV


One of the hottest things outside of the Freefly MoVi at NAB this year was from a competing multi-rotor company DJI.  No it was not a camera stabilizer (although they do make them), but rather their new quad-copter the DJI Phantom.  You have all probably seen or know someone who has one as they have blown up in the entry level aerial market.  Beyond that the hobby seemed to explode with the release of...Read More

Canon Cinema Zooms


My good friends at Canon USA sent me the Canon 15.5-47mm T/2.8 compact cine zoom and the 14.5-60mm T/2.6 cine zoom lens to test and play with for a few weeks and here are my findings.  First off the two have a very similar focal range.  Secondly one costs twice as much as the other.  One is a lot bigger and heavier as well.  So why would anyone want the 14.5-60mm at 9.9lbs vs...Read More

The Wide Open Camera BMPCC Review. Black Dot Issue and More.


The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera was one of the most highly anticipated cameras to be announced at NAB 2013. We got our hands on one of the few that actually shipped “on time”. The BMPCC feels solid, the buttons are easy to navigate and there is a 1/4″ mount on the top and bottom. The smaller S16mm sized sensor adds about 2.5X to your full frame lenses, so wides are going to be difficult....Read More

BMPCC Quick Take. EVS Online Has One.


The brothers and sisters over at EVS in Burbank let us hold onto their BMPCC for about thirty seconds. We had high hopes for the pocket camera, now we just want to get it out in the field. We will be testing this puppy with some hot ladies at the beach and a few driving shots into the night. Let us know here in the comments what you would like to see from this...Read More

Instant Hollywood Tech Lingo Dialogue at the Click of a Button


We all know Hollywood often plays it fast and lose when it comes to what any person can do with any given piece of technology. ShinyToyLabs made this silly yet awesome web-based dialogue generator that pretty much throws any tech word into a sentence with just enough grammatical structure that, if you have no idea how any of the technology-related words works, the sentence actually makes sense! It’s hilariously fun if you are fairly...Read More

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