Neumann Film: The Drama Toolbag and My Current Hero


I hate looking for, and licensing, music tracks. When producing, generally the budget to license tracks is just however much I’m willing to spend out of my budget (which is usually pretty tight). I can probably come up with a few (hundred) other reasons licensing music is a pain, but let’s just move on. I’m hugely impressed with Neumann Film’s large array of downloads available for purchase, they have music packages, “cinematic presets” for...Read More

The Blackmagic Pocket Camera Review By Philip Bloom. Part 1.


Here is the first “real” review of the BMPCC by Philip Bloom. The camera shows promise, however there are some issues that need to be dealt with before they ship en masse. I was very excited about the potential of this little puppy. Now, I am not so sure. Here is a rip from Philip Bloom’s website. Click here to check it out. “I will shortly be trying out various different kinds of glass...Read More

Philip Bloom’s “Hiding Place”: Best of the BMPCC


I downloaded Mr. Bloom’s original upload file for “Hiding Place” and pulled still frames from it. I was looking to see how well the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera looked in the end, after his grade and his ideal compression to upload. The file was 285MB so he didn’t go overboard on the bitrate, the file looked pretty solid, the compression artifacts I saw seemed pretty inevitable with any H.264 compression, muddied dark areas, some...Read More

Philip Bloom “Hiding Place” Blackmagic Pocket Camera Shoot.


Here is part .05 of the massive review of the BMPCC by Philip Bloom. The camera seems to have a few hurdles to overcome before it’s ready for primetime. We might expect  firmware updates in the near future. The BMPCC produces a very natural filmic look. I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Here is a rip from the Vimeo post. “Filmed on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. With the lovely actress...Read More

GoPro Hero 4 . What We Might Expect. 4K 30 fps. 2K 120 fps.


The GoPro Hero 3 Black packs quite a punch using the older Ambarella A7 chip. The new GoPro Hero 4 should push these limits even further with the advent of the new Ambarella A9 SoC chip. GoPro tends to announce new product info around the same time as Apple. If GoPro uses the new Ambarella A9 chip we can expect some serious upgrades to the GoPro Hero 4 camera.  Here is a breakdown of...Read More

Philip Bloom Reviews the Blackmagic Pocket Cam. First Look Video.


Here is a quick 5 minute “teaser review” by Philip Bloom of the highly anticipated Blackmagic Pocket Camera. The BMPCC release has been very limited. Let’s hope they start shipping this puppy soon! Here is a rip from the Vimeo post. “This is just a teaser of Part 1 of my what will be, I think, 3 part review of the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. This is NOT the review, just snippets of it so...Read More

Pivothead Handsfree HD POV Camera. $299 US.


Pivothead is a very cool new HD POV camera that is truly handsfree. This has some serious action cam potential and may have some killer narrative possibilities as well. The pivothead will only set you back around three hundred smackers. Here is a rip from the website. Click here to check it out. Specifications.   One-button video capture 1080p, 30fps | 720p, 60fps | 720p, 30fps Quick or customizable capture settings Continuos, Auto, Fixed...Read More

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