What’s Next for Cameras? – Sony’s Crazy Concept Camera Rumor


I love concept products because they are a reminder that everything we have isn’t everything there will ever be. Things will always change, predicting it is impossible sometimes, but the status quo can’t go on forever. When products are in their ‘concept’ stages, they are usually the most outlandish they can get, but they are also the most interesting. Sometimes the concept isn’t so new. Sony’s latest camera seems like a new twist on...Read More

AbelCine LA is Bigger, Better, and Having an Open House


AbelCine has expanded their space, doubling in size! To celebrate, they are inviting everyone to an open house with burgers, hot dogs, and drinks! They are have seminars on all the current hot cameras by Andy Shipsides, and Director/cinematographer Suny Behar will also be hosting a seminar on “Choosing the Right Camera”. All Free! Great people to meet and get a chance to pick their brain. Click here for a detailed list of when...Read More

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q Prototype hands on.


The other day I got my hands on the yet unreleased Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q RAW recorder / monitor.  The prototype was 75% there but this one was specifically set up for getting 2K out of the FS700. The quality of the screen is pretty impressive on the unit at 1280 x 800….Well its actually 1280 x 700 as 100 of the lines are used for menu items.  Remember the 7Q is actually a...Read More

Tools for Finding Your Favorite Films Online & Learning More About Them


There are tons of legal ways to rent, buy, and stream pretty much every movie online nowadays, lots of times you can do it all from your phone. Whenever I have the urge to watch a film I always want to find the most convenient and cheapest way to watch it. I have been using for a while now. It’s amazing! It breaks down all the services into 5 categories: Instant Streaming, Streaming...Read More

Adobe Releases Major Update to Premiere CC


Adobe is holding true to their promise to release regular updates to Creative Cloud. Premiere got its first boost today. The July Premiere Pro CC Update has 25 all new features and addresses the devastating multi-cam bug that plagued many. It’s a great update no doubt, but some of these features merely fix stupid issues that didn’t need to exist in the first place. Among my favorite corrections is with the Title tool. Duplicating...Read More

Sandisk launches Extreme and Extreme Pro MicroSD Cards


Your GoPro Hero 3 has some new friends from Sandisk. New Extreme and Extreme Pro cards are here and available from Sandisk. These are the fastest MicroSD cards on the market. The 32GB and 64GB Extremes clocks in at 80MB/s read and 50MB/s write, and the 8GB and 16GB Extreme Pros get 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write. You now have a more than comfortable amount of overhead when shooting 2.7K on your GoPro. Note:...Read More

The New Digital Cinema Race


It seems like the 4K acquisition leap is inevitable, Blackmagic will have a $4,000 4K camera later this month if all goes well, Sony and Canon both have multiple 4K options at different price points. JVC even decided to embarrass themselves with a poke at 4K. Phantom has 4K at 1000fps! RED is pushing out it’s 6K upgrade in September, and Arri has grumpily stepped up to the 4K plate. The playing field is level once...Read More

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