The Drive-In Theater Lives or Dies with 35mm Prints


We all know the digital age of Cinema is here. More and more things are shot digitally every year, but on the distribution end, it’s gone digital also. Theaters no longer receive 35mm film prints, they play “Digital Cinema Packages” or DCPs. Theaters can still receive 35mm prints right now, but starting next year, that won’t be an option with many major distributors, it will be almost entirely digital. For filmmakers, going digital was...Read More

The Digital Bolex First Look Footage! *DOWNLOAD FOOTAGE UPDATE*


Here is a peek at what we can expet from the highly anticipated Digital Bolex. It’s only a few seconds and the YT link has no audio. We are excited about a brand new camera and the CCD’s are a nice break from Jello vision CMOS world. *UPDATE* The good folks over at DB have uploaded more footage and links to download some for yourself. Here is the Vimeo post. Bolex Films #2 –...Read More

DIY Reflectors for Small Crews


I dig DIY solutions. It’s like having good pre-production, you work to find or make exactly what you want and you don’t have to compromise as much when it comes to actual production. You can make the tailor-made product rather than trying to find the best fit available, which isn’t always a perfect fit. Neumann films has a great DIY solution for reflectors with small crews. Reflectors are hugely beneficial but also require some...Read More

Rebooting Hollywood Part 2: Death to the Franchise


I have no idea how to ‘fix’ Hollywood, I’m not even sure if there really is anything that needs to be fixed. Blockbuster movies make more money than ever. Even the Hollywood flops still turn a profit during the theatrical run with international sales. For now, I’m just going talk about how film franchises, sequels, split final chapters, and the never ending franchise is hurting the public image of Hollywood. The franchise film is...Read More

iBlazr: The Mobile Phone Light We Need


If you are as addicted to your phone as I am then I’m sure you hate the flash on it as much as I do. It’s harsh, not adjustable, and pretty much sucks. iBlazr is another Kickstarter campaign, it’s an accessory and app for iPhone and Android. It’s really just a small 4 LED panel that can be used with or without your phone. As a flash, or constant video light. It uses its...Read More

What’s Next for Cameras? – Sony’s Crazy Concept Camera Rumor


I love concept products because they are a reminder that everything we have isn’t everything there will ever be. Things will always change, predicting it is impossible sometimes, but the status quo can’t go on forever. When products are in their ‘concept’ stages, they are usually the most outlandish they can get, but they are also the most interesting. Sometimes the concept isn’t so new. Sony’s latest camera seems like a new twist on...Read More

AbelCine LA is Bigger, Better, and Having an Open House


AbelCine has expanded their space, doubling in size! To celebrate, they are inviting everyone to an open house with burgers, hot dogs, and drinks! They are have seminars on all the current hot cameras by Andy Shipsides, and Director/cinematographer Suny Behar will also be hosting a seminar on “Choosing the Right Camera”. All Free! Great people to meet and get a chance to pick their brain. Click here for a detailed list of when...Read More

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