Why I’m not an Early Adopter – Adobe CC

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

I’ve had a Creative Cloud (CC) subscription to CS6 since it came out in 2012. I really like the subscription model, I get my money’s worth from it every single month so I have no qualms about paying the monthly rate, especially if it means they are able to give more regular updates to the tools we use. However, I don’t plan to jump on the update when it comes out this evening. I’ll...Read More

JVC Still Has No Idea What Video Professionals Want

Cameras / Nate Weber

JVC announced a new 4K camera today, the JY-HMQ30. It’s expected to be about $18,000 and should not be bought by anyone. It shoots 4K cut into 4 quadrants onto 4 SD cards! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT IS A GOOD IDEA?! You can check these links for all the ‘features‘ but here are the first 10 reasons I could think of not to buy it. 1. Records 4K H.264, its everyone’s favorite flavor...Read More

Kuler: Real World Color Sampling from Adobe

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

I enjoy color correction and appreciate the way color and light shapes real life and film. I often samples color from images for graphics in videos. A new app by Adobe lets you sample real life quickly and easily. Kuler is an iOS app that samples 5 colors from anything you aim your iPhone’s camera at in real time. I quickly vined the app in action so you can see how it works. You...Read More

Sony Announces the PMW-300

Cameras / Nate Weber

Sony announced their newest 1/2″ EXMOR 3-CMOS sensor camera, the PMW-300. The successor to Sony’s aging, but still very popular, EX3. With 50mbps 8-bit 422 internal recording over the EX3′s 8-bit 420, this is a much demanded bump in specs that won’t go unnoticed. It will also get an update with XAVC in 2014. Other upgrades include a new higher resolution display, 3.5″ 960×540 (same DPI and size as the iPhone 4/4S). It shoots...Read More

The New Pro can be a Mac Cube

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

We all heard Apple is doing “something really different” with the new Mac Pro. That’s a terrifying prospect after what they did with Final Cut Pro. But I have thought a bit on this subject and welcome the change. I have long since stopped personally finding the Mac Pros bang-for-buck worth the money, but I do know that is only because most of what I do is straight forward NLE cutting, not much after...Read More

How I Share and Send Files With Clients – A New Edition to My Arsenal – ‘MinBox’

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

As an editor who usually works remotely, a big part of my job is delivering proofs to clients digitally and quickly. I’m always looking for easier ways to share files with clients and friends, I don’t have a crazy fast or even that reliable of internet (the San Fernando Valley doesn’t offer anything between consumer and super high-end ultra-expensive connections), so I like solutions that minimize risks. Dropbox is my favorite choice, it’s relatively...Read More

CineGear 2013: Flying GoPros and iPhones Run Amuck, DSLRs Fading

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Another weekend of drinking on the Paramount lot has come and gone. For those of you who don’t know, Cinegear is a mini-NAB that has bars setup between the booths on the Paramount backlot and 2 stages. It rarely has anything new announced and this year was no different. However, things were a bit different this year. There was a few major themes to this years event. GoPros were huge, DSLRs were dwindling, Sony...Read More

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