Premiere Pro gets Lumetri Deep Color Engine and a boost from Speedgrade

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Speedgrade was a bit rough around the edges when it came to integration with Premiere in CS6 but it’s looking much more cozy with Premiere in Creative Cloud. Adobe introduces Lumetri Deep Color Engine, a new tool to help editors get GPU optimized color control right inside Premiere. You can apply one of the existing presets, LUTs, or saved Looks from Speedgrade. It’s integration with Speedgrade makes it a more effective temporary grading tool...Read More

Audience Interpretation on Filmmaking and Storytelling

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

I love talking with people about their view on shows and movies. Everyone interprets things differently and finds different elements that stand out to them. It’s amazing how different 2 people can view the same thing. It’s also amazing how much you can control perspective through style, editing and tone. I love remixes for this reason, it can change your perspective on the original content. A fun example: I already had that nostalgic feeling...Read More

MicroGAFFER: Pocket-size gaffer tape for the Modern Production

Nate Weber / Production

Productions are getting smaller. Smaller cameras, smaller crews, stolen shots on public areas, are all commonplace. Gaffer tape is getting smaller too. MicroGAFFER is a product we’ve all kind of wanted but didn’t know how to ask for. Enough tape to get a quick job done, but it won’t weigh you down or bring suspicion to you if you are shooting run-n-gun in public areas. It comes with 4 rolls in a pack, various...Read More

How Pro Cameras Should Implement HDMI

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

@Cinesota on twitter shared a link to an interesting product, protected and locking HDMI connectors by Neutrik. It seems like we can’t get rid of the HDMI port on professional cameras, but why not make them more secure? It’s still backwards compatible with existing ports and cables, but if you have the additional cable with the locks built in, you get a secure and safe connection that you won’t accidentally snap off. I’m assuming...Read More

Flickr Gives a Terabyte to All Users, Still Max 3 Mins of Video

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Flickr just announced 1 TB of storage for all users. Absolutely bonkers, I’m moving my photos back over there soon and keeping most of them private. The average person never has to back-up their photo collection again, granted, I’d still keep a local copy, going online for your own photos is silly, but I trust Yahoo (Flickr’s owner) enough that they won’t lose it. While that is crazy awesome, I am disappointed that they...Read More

Warp Stabilizer VFX: All New Features for Your Favorite Post-Stabilization Tool

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Warp Stabilizer is one of the most invaluable features in Premiere, and now it’s got a big brother in After Effects CC, Warp Stabilizer VFX. It lets you control track points, preserve framing, and more. With dynamic link, this is still a super fast and easy to implement tool if you aren’t getting the results you like from the standard Warp Stabilizer filter in Premiere. Check out Adobe’s own tutorial on how to stabilize...Read More

Colorgrade Your Film to Look Like a Summer Blockbuster!

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Juan Melara gives a great tutorial on how to emulate that classic blockbuster blue-warm look. He starts of with some great example footage and comparison then dives in real quickly to show you the LUTs and tricks to fine tune this appearance. This is an easy way to up the production value of your film and isn’t incredibly complicated, just requires some patience, a good eye, and knowledge of Resolve, or your preferred color...Read More

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