Duclos Canon cinema zoom multi-mount conversion


Late last year Canon released the 30-105mm cinema zoom to provide a compact alternative to the 30-300mm and the 14.5-60mm.  The $44,000 30-300mm had a great range but came in at over 12lbs which is pretty heavy.  It also ramped aperture which to some was an issue.  The 14.5-60 weighed a little over 9lbs at around $42K.  So I was glad to hear that Canon would be releasing compact cinema zooms that were half...Read More

Restoring Film: The Art of Bringing Classic Films into the Digital Age


Filmmaking and distribution is a walk in the park compared to yesteryear. Image if each time you played back your film you were slowly degrading the quality? You have no playback on set, dailies aren’t on your iPad, your editor is meticulously carrying frames of film and splicing it together by hand. Films have historically been shot, and stored, on film. It’s been the archival standard since the dawn of the moving picture, but...Read More

4K is Now – Sony has brought 4K to THEIR Consumers


I said it when RED announced their 4K distribution method, you can’t bring 4K to the mainstream with closed systems. Sony has gotten one step further though, they actually are delivering their 4K Ulra HD Player starting on July 5th! A real player with real content and a real way to view it in your home. Assuming you love Sony. The box is round, kinda roomba-like, if you have one of those. Sony went...Read More

Canon 70D: What to Like and Dislike


Canon has finally announced their new mid-range APS-C camera, the 70D, successor to the 60D. The camera borrows from the 700D and comes with some new bells and whistles too. It’s got a long list of specs you can read on pretty much every other site, so I’ll give you a quick rundown on what those features actually mean to video professionals. Pros: – The new Dual-Pixel CMOS video autofocus system compatible with 103...Read More

Arri Makes a “Baby Alexa”, Introducing the Alexa HD


Arri has added another Alexa to the line-up, a baby Alexa if you will. The Alexa HD is the same size and shape as the original Alexa, shares the same ALEV III CMOS 2.8K sensor, but stripped down to a supersampled 1920×1080 image only. It shoots in 2 kickass ProRes flavors internally to Sony SxS cards. A 32GB card can hold 15 mins of ProRes 4444 or 20 mins of ProRes 422 HQ and...Read More

Carl is Gone, ZEISS will stay


Carl Zeiss lenses have been around since 1946. The company is actually called Carl Zeiss AG though, but for as long as I can remember, we’ve called the lenses just “Zeiss”. However, the variation in names and branding have been significant in it’s lifetime. Now it’s official though. Like Apple dropping computers from their name, Zeiss is getting rid of Carl and is officially unifying the brand under the “ZEISS” name. Unifying because the...Read More

Re-inventing the Music Video


I’ve long since stopped enjoying watching music videos. I know there is still a huge market of people that will watch them, but unless there is a great hook to the video and I see it’s going viral, I rarely even watch videos for songs I love, more or less for artists I’ve never heard of. I also make a small chunk of my income off music videos. I’ve edited 5 or 6 in...Read More

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