JVC Still Has No Idea What Video Professionals Want


JVC announced a new 4K camera today, the JY-HMQ30. It’s expected to be about $18,000 and should not be bought by anyone. It shoots 4K cut into 4 quadrants onto 4 SD cards! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT IS A GOOD IDEA?! You can check these links for all the ‘features‘ but here are the first 10 reasons I could think of not to buy it. 1. Records 4K H.264, its everyone’s favorite flavor...Read More

Kuler: Real World Color Sampling from Adobe


I enjoy color correction and appreciate the way color and light shapes real life and film. I often samples color from images for graphics in videos. A new app by Adobe lets you sample real life quickly and easily. Kuler is an iOS app that samples 5 colors from anything you aim your iPhone’s camera at in real time. I quickly vined the app in action so you can see how it works. You...Read More

Sony Announces the PMW-300


Sony announced their newest 1/2″ EXMOR 3-CMOS sensor camera, the PMW-300. The successor to Sony’s aging, but still very popular, EX3. With 50mbps 8-bit 422 internal recording over the EX3’s 8-bit 420, this is a much demanded bump in specs that won’t go unnoticed. It will also get an update with XAVC in 2014. Other upgrades include a new higher resolution display, 3.5″ 960×540 (same DPI and size as the iPhone 4/4S). It shoots...Read More

The New Pro can be a Mac Cube


We all heard Apple is doing “something really different” with the new Mac Pro. That’s a terrifying prospect after what they did with Final Cut Pro. But I have thought a bit on this subject and welcome the change. I have long since stopped personally finding the Mac Pros bang-for-buck worth the money, but I do know that is only because most of what I do is straight forward NLE cutting, not much after...Read More

How I Share and Send Files With Clients – A New Edition to My Arsenal – ‘MinBox’


As an editor who usually works remotely, a big part of my job is delivering proofs to clients digitally and quickly. I’m always looking for easier ways to share files with clients and friends, I don’t have a crazy fast or even that reliable of internet (the San Fernando Valley doesn’t offer anything between consumer and super high-end ultra-expensive connections), so I like solutions that minimize risks. Dropbox is my favorite choice, it’s relatively...Read More

CineGear 2013: Flying GoPros and iPhones Run Amuck, DSLRs Fading


Another weekend of drinking on the Paramount lot has come and gone. For those of you who don’t know, Cinegear is a mini-NAB that has bars setup between the booths on the Paramount backlot and 2 stages. It rarely has anything new announced and this year was no different. However, things were a bit different this year. There was a few major themes to this years event. GoPros were huge, DSLRs were dwindling, Sony...Read More

Premiere Pro gets Lumetri Deep Color Engine and a boost from Speedgrade


Speedgrade was a bit rough around the edges when it came to integration with Premiere in CS6 but it’s looking much more cozy with Premiere in Creative Cloud. Adobe introduces Lumetri Deep Color Engine, a new tool to help editors get GPU optimized color control right inside Premiere. You can apply one of the existing presets, LUTs, or saved Looks from Speedgrade. It’s integration with Speedgrade makes it a more effective temporary grading tool...Read More

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