360Hero – The GoPro Rig for panoramas and 360 video.


A pretty nifty looking little rig gives new life to your GoPro Hero2 or your nice new Hero3. With easy to use mounting and software to help you stitch it together, I’m pretty into this gimmicky awesome fun. I love a new creative use for the GoPro and I might have to grab a few more so I can try this out next time I’m shooting a concert, would be fun to find a...Read More

Why I Don’t Care About Raw Video from the 5D


The 5DIII now has raw video, so what? For me, it changes nothing. I have done the magic lantern thing with my T2i, it brought an impressive array of features to a budget camera. I don’t think it really made it a good enough tool to still bring onto sets though, in 2011 or now. It’s stable for a hack but it voids your warranty and didn’t raise the quality of the video enough...Read More

Video: New Carl Zeiss Touit AF Lenses Explained.


Here is a quick video with Dr. Michael Pollmann explaining the new auto focus Touit lenses from Carl Zeiss. Currently only  a 12mm f2.8 and 32mm f2.8 are available in either Sony E mount or Fuji X mount. The New AF system may be a first for Carl Zeiss Lenses. I expect the auto focus system to be rock solid. Great for stills! Here is a rip from the Carl Zeiss website. Click here...Read More

RED Dragon, Red Laser Projector and Birger update.


Its still not here….. Neither is the Red Laser projector…. Neither is this.   and where is our  firmware for C100,300 & 500 Canon????   Michael Sutton @MNS1974Read More

Carl Zeiss Lenses Introduces A New Family Of Lenses Called Touit.


The good folks over at the Carl Zeiss Lens Blog have announced a new family of lenses called “Touit”. Here is a rip from the blog. There are currently only two focal lengths. A 12mm f2.8 and a fast 32mm f1.8. If they are anything like their big brothers and sisters you can bet they will kick some serious ass. Click here to check it out. “There was a lot of excitement at photokina 2012 when...Read More

Schneider Cine – Xenar III’s and Xenon FF Prime Lenses


Probably one of the best things about the digital cinema movement is the fact that we all get the benefit of prime lenses.   The days of using lens adapters like the Pro35, the Letus Extreme etc are pretty much dead as we can add a S35 or full frame lens to most digital cinema cameras.  Back in the day there was not a lot of choices and the prices were extremely high even...Read More

Zoom H6 Announced. DSLR Audio. No Pricing Or Release Date Yet.


Zoom Has announced the new H6 six channel recorder. This looks like a huge upgrade from the Zoom H4 we have been using for years. Here is a rip from the post on Gizmodo. “The Zoom H4N has clinched the spot of go-to audio recorder for DSLR videographers everywhere. With the announcement of the H6, Zoom may have made the best in class even better. The Zoom H6’s most interesting new feature is its...Read More

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