Hexolux Transformer LED Fresnel Lights. NAB 2013.


The Hexolux LED lights look awesome. It has a very simple yet effective focus system, F-Stop dimming, battery power capable and not heat. They have a CRI rating of 98. The highest in the industry. Designed by Pete Smith a DP himself who was sick of messing around with the current LED tech. I was impressed with the color temp and feel of these lights. I can’t wait to get one in my hands....Read More

Lupolux LED Fresnel Lights. $1200 For 1K. NAB 2013.


Here is a quick take on the new Lupolux fresnel LED lights. They are quite inexpensive at $800 for a 650W and $1200 for the 1K. They only draw about 90 Watts of power and have a dimmer and a focus knob. Click here to check it out.Read More

Phantom Flex4K. 1000 fps 4K. NAB 2013.


Here is Mitch Gross from AbelCine Tech explaining the brand new Phantom Flex4K. This is one sick camera. It will shoot an astonishing 1000 fps at 4K resolution and can shoot 2000 fps at 2K. Click here to check it out. Specifications.  Technical Specifications Resolution/Maximum Frame Rates 4096 x 2304 (max res) –  900 fps 4096 x 2160 (4K standard) – 1000 fps 3840 x 2160 (16 x 9) – 1000 fps 1920 x...Read More

Aviator Rocket Slider. NAB 2013


Here is a quick take on the new Rocket Slider from Zeke Kamm. This is one sweet little travel slider. It breaks down very easily and can work with off the shelf pipe to create any size track needed. The Rocket is currently on kickstarter and will set you back around $425. Click here to check it out. Read More

Letus Camera Quick Release Plate. NAB 2013. $200


Here is a quick take on the new QR plte from Letus. This is basically a smaller RBQ plate that we use all day long on set. It’s a simple portable plate that will mount literally anywhere. This is a solid QR plate with an audible click that we love to hear on set. The Letus QR plate will set you back around $200 US. Click here to check it out.  Read More

NAB Show 2013 Wide Open Camera Coverage. Get Your Fix Here.


NAB 2013 is here and we are working our ass off to get you some killer footage. Here are a few. We will break them down as soon as possible. The coolest thing we have seen so far is the new Black Magic S16 pocket camera for less than $1K. This is just getting out of hand. We have so many choices now. Let’s go make some films people! Stay tuned for more videos...Read More

NAB 2013 Phantom Flex 4K Video. Wide Open Camera


Here is a first look at the brand new Phantom Flex 4K. More info soon! Follow @wideopencamera For killer NAB 2013 info. Thanks!  Read More

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