New LCW Fader ND filter for NAB 2013. Giveaway! Follow @lightcraftwork to win.


Here is a quick take on the new Re Engineered LCW Fader ND filter. They have improved sharpness and color rendition. See example video. For more info and a NAB 2013 giveaway check us out at @wideopencamera on twitter for more info. Follow @lightcraftwork with the quotes “Give me my fader filter Now! Follow @lighcraftwork to win!” We will give away a bunch of stuff and a few of these new filters on the...Read More

Schneider Optics Xenon Full Frame Lens Test. Molly Miller Music Video.


***Note: I am possibly the worst editor in the world and had to sync this manually. My apologies in advance. Thanks! Here is a quick test of the new Schneider Optics Xenon Full Frame Cinema Lenses. They currently have a basic prime set of 35mm, 50mm and 75mm. All with a maximum aperture of T2.1 and will cover a full frame sized sensor. The Xenon’s were quite sharp with good contrast. They are slightly...Read More

First Look! Schneider Xenon Full Frame Prime Lenses. Wide Open Camera. NAB 2013


Here is a quick take on the new Schneider Xenon prime lenses. Currently they have 35mm, 50mm and 75mm all T2.1 They have cine gears and smith focus and iris rings. No breathing on these bad boys! We shot this with a Canon 5D MK3 ALL-I Neutral Picture Style 1000 ISO wide open at T2.1  Shot in the worst possible lighting conditions possible! We will make the RAW files available to download soon!  ...Read More

Tall As The Baobab Tree. US Premiere At San Francisco International Film Festival


We are super excited to announce the US premiere of  Tall As The Baobab Tree Directed By: Jeremey Teicher and Lensed by our own Chris Collins. The movie was shot with Canon 5D’s and Zacuto and Ikan Support gear. The film was beautifully shot and well crafted by these two young filmmakers. Here is a rip from the latest update on the Tall As The Baobab Tree Blog. About the SF Film Fest. “The...Read More

Panasonic Announces New Micro Color Splitter Sensor. Twice As Bright.


Panasonic has developed a new micro color splitter sensor that retains more light than traditional camera sensors.This could be a huge step forward for sensor technology. Here is a rip from the engadget post. “You’d be forgiven if you weren’t entirely on the same page with Panasonic regarding its micro color splitter sensor: it’s a big break from the traditionalBayer filter approach on digital cameras, and the deluge of text doesn’t do much to simplify the...Read More

Tascam Announces New DR-60D Field Recorder For DSLR Cameras. NAB 2013


Tascam has announced  the DR-60D. A killer looking new field recorder designed for DSLR’s and smaller video cameras. It looks like B&H photo has them on pre order for around $350 US. Here is a rip from the website. “The DR-60D is a brand new 4-track solid-state recorder utilizing TASCAM’s decades of experience. The recorder utilizes high-grade HDDA pre-amps, legendary AD converters, and a durable but lightweight structure and shape. This device will fit...Read More

Kessler Crane Announces The New Pocket Jib Traveler. $599 US. NAB 2013


Kessler Crane announced the new Pocket Jib Traveler for $599 US available for order today. This looks like a killer little travel jib arm. The Pocket Jib Traveler folds down to a mere 27″ and extends out to around six feet. It will handle cameras weighing up to ten pounds. Here is a rip from the Kessler web site. Click here to check it out.  Patent Pending  “The Pocket Jib Traveler is Kessler’s newest...Read More

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