Stolen Camera Finder. Get Your Camera Back Today!


I found this while looking for another person who had mentioned on twitter that they had their camera stolen. The Stolen Camera Finder looks like amazing technology. I hope I never have to use it but if you have had your camera ripped off, it’s worth a try. Here is a rip from the website. Follow @goforjared Click here to check it out. introduction stolencamerafinder is an open source project that can locate a missing...Read More

Quick Take Video Aviator Travel Jib From Nice Industries.


Here is a quick take on the ultra portable Aviator Travel Jib from Nice Industries. This little puppy closes down to a mere twenty four inches and expands up to six feet! It weighs less than three pounds and will take a camera up to around six pounds. They also include a zippered sand bag counterweight that you can fill as needed. It all fits nicely in the included travel case. The Aviator Travel...Read More

Wide Open Camera Combat Cage For The GoPro Hero 3. *UPDATE* First Working Prototype!


  Here is the first mock up drawing 3D Rendering  Plastic Prototype  cut of the Aluminum Prototype of the new WOC Combat Cage For the GoPro Hero 3 camera. A Huge Thanks! to Dave Aldrich of DFocus for hooking this up! Dave has been working with us on this project for a few months and has been a huge blessing. Let production commence! We are moving at lightning speed to get a color 3D rendition and...Read More

First Look. Digital Bolex D16 Lenses From Kish Optics.


Here is a quick take lens test with the brand new Kish Optics Digital Bolex D16 lenses. The lineup consists of a 10mm, 18mm and 38mm all fixed aperture of f4.0 with a screw in C-mount camera mount. Kish designed the optics specifically to compensate for the sensor on the digital bolex. They are set to release them in a few months with a street price of around three hundred bucks each. We tested...Read More

Filters! The New iPhone App From Formatt-Hitech.


The brothers and sisters over at Formatt-Hitech have released a new iPhone App called Filters! Unlike most iPhone camera apps this bad boy lets you apply filters before taking the shot. It also has a cool zoom feature and exposure lock. Filters! has over 100 filter and effect options created by filter maker Formatt-Hitech. This is one cool looking App. Follow @goforjared Click here to check it out. Here is the boring Press Release....Read More

Quick Take Video. D Focus V4 DSLR Follow Focus For Only $189 US.


Here is a quick take on the brand new follow focus from D Focus. The V4 has an upgraded open gearbox and all metal 15mm single rod mount. The marking indicator doubles as an allen wrench that can be used to adjust the follow focus. This is one of the most cost effective follow focus solutions on the market at only $189 US. Here is a rip from the D Focus website. Follow @goforjared...Read More

View Factor Novo GoPro Hero 3 C-Mount Lens Adapter.


The folks over at View Factor are always coming out with tricked out toys. this time they have developed a C-Mount lens adapter for the new GoPro Hero 3 camera. Currently it will only be available as a kit for rental from Radiant Images here in Los Angeles. There is no mention of street availability or pricing just yet. Here is a rip from the VF blog post. Click here to check it out...Read More

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