Fader ND Shootout. Genus, Heliopan, LCW, Schneider and Tiffen.


Fader ND filters are great for run and gun shots and quick set ups. Recently a new batch of professional faders have hit the street. We got our hands on five of the best filters on the market. We tested the new Genus Eclipse ND, Heliopan Variable ND, LCW Reengineered MKII Fader ND, Schneider Variable ND and Tiffen’s Variable ND filters for color shift and sharpness. We recommend using straight ND filters when possible....Read More

ITU Approves H.265 4K Streaming On The Way Soon!


  I picked this up via Gizmodo. It looks like we may finally be getting H.265. This could be the answer to streaming 4K video. That 4K camera is looking sexier all the time now. Here is a rip from the Gizmodo article. Follow @goforjared Streaming video is the future. Well, it’s the present, but the future too. And as resolutions increase, it’s going to be a tougher and tougher proposition to pipe all...Read More

Please Read. Jim Smith Of WBZ Boston Needs Our Help!


I picked this up via Rick Macomber on Facebook. His co-worker Jim Smith could use our help. In times like these we need to band together as a community and do whatever we can to help out. Please consider a donation or at least help spread the word. We are working on an electronic link but for now please send checks or cash. Here is the email from Rick: My long time colleague and...Read More

How To Mark An Actor For Camera.


Here is a quick take on the various ways to mark an actor for focus and framing. The most common mark is a T shape in between the actor’s feet. We show a few more variations and explain the possible use for each one. We recommend using 1/4″ paper tape with tabs for easy removal. This is primarily for interior use. Exterior marks can be done with chalk or sticks, golf tees, anything that...Read More

Tweet to Win a Schneider Optics Variable ND Filter.


The good folks over at Schneider Optics are letting us giveaway the 77mm demo variable ND filter that we used for our Fader ND Filter Test. This is one of the best fader ND’s on the market and retails for around $450. A lucky Twitter follower will get this awesome filter. We also have 5 killer Schneider Optics T-Shirts to send out to new followers. All you have to do to enter is follow...Read More

Quick Take Video. GenusTech Shoulder Mount System.


Here is a Quick Take on the new Hand Held Rig From Genus Tech. This hand held system will work with many cameras from smaller DSLR’s to larger cameras like the new Sony F55 and F5. The quick release camera plate and adjustable shoulder pad are killer. This is a simple yet very effective hand held system that can cross platform fairly easily. Follow @goforjared Click here to check it out.  Product Highlights Shoulder...Read More

First Look iDC System Zero Follow Focus. No Gearbox!


Here is the new iDC Photo Video System Zero Geared Follow Focus. The system can work with or without rods. This is one of the most innovative follow focus systems I have seen in a while. There is no lag because there is no gear box. The system works with standard cine pitch lens gears. This could be a great lightweight solution for handheld shooting. The basic system will set you back around $399....Read More

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