Stephen Perkins For Latin Percussion BTS Shoot.


Here is a little shoot we did for Latin Percussion with the most awesome drummer Stephen Perkins. He was super cool and even hooked me up with a signed set of sticks! We had a blast shooting this interview. A huge thanks to Rob Shanahan for inviting us to the party.Read More

Edelkrone Slider Plus. Twice As Nice For $499


The people over at Edelkrone have some killer design ideas. The latest is the Slider Plus. The new slider will give you two feet of effective travel with a one foot footprint. The entire sled travels with the camera while mounted on a tripod. However, on the deck the slider only gives you one foot of travel. This innovative system will be great for travel gigs and confined sets. The Edelkrone Slider Plus will...Read More

Masters In Motion 2012 Austin TX


I got an email back in the summer from good friends Jon Connor and Cristina Valdivieso of asking if I was interested in becoming a part of Masters In Motion 2012 in ATX.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity, as last year was a blast.  Rule Boston Camera was a sponsor last year as well as for the NYC presentation this summer right after NAB.  I knew this would be a great...Read More

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Hang Gliding


The GoPro family have products have been hugely popular among hang glider pilots the world over.  The light weight makes mounting the camera around the glider a breeze.  Because hang gliders are controlled by weight shift, mounting a camera on one side usually requires adding equal weight to the opposite side, to keep the wing balanced.  The lightweight GoPro’s don’t require any counter-weighting.  The other feature of the GoPro that has led to it’s...Read More

GoPro Hero 3 Black 2.7K 24fps Cine Test With Leah Petersen Stunt Motorcyclist. 4K & 2.7K Downloads


The strongest attribute of the new GoPro Hero 3 Black is the 2.7K 24fps Protune Cine mode. Chris Collins hooked up this shoot with Leah Petersen. We decided to stick with the 2.7K 24fps Protune rather than drop down to any other resolution. We know what 1080 x 1920 60P looks like and forget about 720 x 1280 120fps. We wanted the best resolution possible. The 4K would have been nice but I do...Read More

GoPro Hero 3 Black 4K Video Demo. Cineform 1.3.2 Update link. RAW 4K file


  We got our hands on the new GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. Here are two 4K examples. Choose “Original” resolution for full res in You Tube. The new GoPro Hero 3 Black has a 4K cine and 2.7K cine option that we tested before an upcoming shoot. There are a few things to sort out before the new black edition has all of the promised features. Here is what it took for me...Read More

Red, Sony, Canon & Pansonic 4K.


So it was a big week for all us gear heads.  Sony announced new cameras and a recorder, Red slashed prices and Canon started to trickle ship C500 EF cameras. One thing that all three companies offer is 4K but only two offer 4K video outputs.  I mention this because I think its very important.  Codecs get better and workflows become more efficient.  Things change down the line as technology progresses.  4K resolution is...Read More

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