Sony Announces New F5 Cine Alta 4K Cinema Camera.


Sony announced the new Sony F5 Cine Alta 4K cine camera. This puppy looks bad ass! It will however set you back quite a lot of dough. I am guessing that the camera will cost in the $22K range with the 4K recorder set at around $16K. I could be way off here but these are the rumored prices. I will update when available. The feature set is quite expansive with the optical viewfinder...Read More

New Marshall Electronics Lineup 5.6″, 7″ and 9″ Monitors. Dance To The Beat.


Read More

Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam POV Test 120 fps. Gaff Taped To A Boxing Glove.


Here is a little test video with the new Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam. The idea was to gaff tape the camera to a boxing glove to get direct contact POV shots at 120 fps. The headband mount worked great for the reverse angle. The Sony Action Cam held up just OK for interior shots. Even though it felt like we had enough light we needed tons more. It works great for its intended use,...Read More

GoPro Announces Hero3 Black Edition With 4K Resolution.


GoPro has just announced the new GoPro HD Hero3 Black 4K camera. The specifications are pretty badass with full 4K resolution at 15 fps and 2.7K at 30fps. The new Hero3 Black edition will set you back $399. Here is a rip of the specifications from the B&H website. Follow @goforjared Click here to pre-order.  Click here to check it out.  Product Highlights Supports 4K, 2.7K, 1440p & 1080p Video Capture 12, 7 or...Read More

Canon C500 with Gemini 4K hands on.


Today I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Canon C500 4K camera and the a pre-release 4K RAW option for the Convergent Design Gemini recorder.  The C500 will start shipping the first week of November and the Gemini 4K RAW option will be available November 5th. The first thing you notice when looking at the C500 is that physically it looks very similar to the C300 but instead of a removable...Read More

Audio Equalisation: How to use it and why you should


Audio Equalisation: How to use it and why you should I’m a filmmaker at heart, though my line of work has required that I delve into other facets of production. My background stems from audio pre & post-production. While I’ve made attempts to shake off this label, audio experience has enabled me to utilise these skill sets and apply them to the world of video & filmmaking. Through general observation, I’ve noticed that indie...Read More

The Grip App and Set Lighting App By Enlightened Shenanigans.


There are currently tons of photography Apps and very few Grip and Electric Apps out there. Well the good folks over at Enlightened Shenanigans have taken care of that with The Grip App and the Set Lighting App. Both Apps have tons of info and specifications on almost every product under the sun! The Grip App has everything from Dolly systems to useful knots, my personal favorite. The set lighting app is a great...Read More

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