New versions of Cinema Profile for DSLRs from CinePlus (video comparison with CineStyle)


Last September Cine Plus released the Cinema Picture Profile for Canon DSLRs for $19. You can read the WideOpenCamera write up on it here. At the time I was shooting corporate videos for a number of companies around the SF Bay area that had strict turn around deadlines. More often than not I found myself opting to roll with the Cinema profile to save time with the grade in post. It’s a fantastic look...Read More

Turn your iPad into a DSLR with the Padcaster.


I picked this up from ICG magazine of all places. The Padcaster is a housing for the iPad that will let you add tons of accessories. The Lenscaster let’s you add lenses. I could not find out too much info on the lens mount but it looks like manual focus and iris only. The Padcaster sells for $149 and the Lenscaster Padcaster combo is $189. Here is a rip from their website. Click here...Read More

Panasonic GH3 Camera Specifications Rumored.


  43Rumors has announced the possible specifications for the new Panasonic GH3. If these are correct we may just have a really capable little camera. XLR adapter add on, multiple frame rates, time code and WiFi could make this a serious contender in the over saturated interchangeable lens camera market. Let’s hope the price is not off the charts. Here is a rip from 43Rumors.   **Rumored Specifications. These could easily change when the...Read More

Sony announces the new NEX 5R camera with built in WiFi. $650 US.


  Sony recently announced the new NEX 5R HDSLR camera. I guess the R stands for “Replacement”. This model will replace the older Sony NEX 5N. The feature set on this little camera is jam packed. It does the standard 24P and 60P in 1920 X 1080 full HD. It has an improved sensor and  built in WiFi. The Sony NEX 5R uses the Sony E Mount but works quite well with a Metabones...Read More

Genus Products BMD Cinema Camera Combat Cage by @MNS1974


A few weeks ago I was visited by Genus Products and they asked me to become a designer for them based on my MNS1974 Combat Cage for the TS3Cine camera.  The idea was that I would have a product ready to show at IBC in Amsterdam.  I said no problem and drew up a few examples and worked with my machine shop to come up with a prototype.  After a few changes a prototype...Read More

Canon Announces New EOS C100 HD Camera. $7K Price Est.


Canon announced the new EOS C100 camera. The new baby C300 has many of the same feature set and form factor in a teeny tiny little body. Weighing in at a mere two pounds it is only slightly heavier than a Canon 5D MKIII. Unfortunatly the specs don’t look very competitive.The C100 lacks 60P and is limited to a 4:2:0 color space. The new C100 will set you back around $7K or more. (rumored...Read More



I am going to preamble my post by saying right off the bat that I am a high-speed snob and am biased since one of the companies I am affiliated with is the US distributor for the TS3Cine. I am a high-speed snob not in regards to resolution or ISO but rather in how a high-speed camera should behave and record content.  There are several high-speed solutions in the marketplace. Some are targeted at...Read More

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