Black Magic Design Cinema Camera Cage From Wooden Camera. Quick Take Video.


Here is a quick take on the Black Magic Cinema Camera cage from Wooden Camera. The BMCC is one of the few cameras that really needs a cage for mounting options. The brothers over at Wooden Camera have designed a solid system with great accessories. The camera cage has built in handles, a quick release top handle option and a lightweight 15mm rod base option. The cage will set you back around four hundred...Read More

Sony Announces New NEX-EA50 HD Camcorder. $4K Plus Est. Update On Price.


  Sony announced the new NEX-EA50 HD camera. This puppy can hunt! The new camera sports better ergonomics and a nifty built in sliding shoulder pad. It has an APS-C or S35 sized sensor with 24/30/60P full 1920 X 1080 HD resolution. The sensor and codec are similar to the Sony NEX5N camera that we love and hate. The included 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 servo zoom lens will be available on eBay for about half the...Read More

Red Dragon’s, Pro I/O’s and Meizler Module’s, Oh My!


So there has been some hype over the past few days about the much anticipated Dragon Sensor from Red.  We heard a bit about it at NAB this year and way back when before the Epic-M was being sold.  The second I heard about this new sensor I questioned why a camera company would talk about replacing a sensor on a camera even before the camera was made available for sale.  It occurred to...Read More

Screening Times & Locations Announced for Montreal World Film Festival


  By: Chris Collins Montreal World Film Festival has released the official program for the screenings.  Our film, Grand Comme le Baobab, will be premiering in French on Sunday, August 26 at 7PM.  The English premier will take place on Tuesday, August 28 at 9:30PM.  Both screenings will take place at the Cinema Quartier Latin 14.  Click here for the full program. Montreal caters to an international market and “offers film lovers and professionals...Read More

Grand Comme Le Baobab to Premier at Montreal Film Festival


  By: Chris Collins The first feature film co-produced by Wide Open Camera is premiering at Montreal World Film Festival later this month.  This was my first feature film as cinematographer, and I am excited to share my stories from pre-production to the festival circuit with all of you.  Today I will tackle pre-production.   I couldn’t have been more excited when Jeremy Teicher called me and asked if I would be interested in...Read More

The Canon 1D x


One of the great benefits of working for a company that does sales and rentals of film and HD equipment is that I get my hands on new gear before most via vendor demos and when the product is finally released to the public.  The Canon 1D x was on the top of my test gear for DSLR’s but had seen several delays from its original March launch date.  Several months passed by and...Read More

Big Ass Light Test at EVS


  By: Chris Collins We decided to gather as many edison plug film lights and put them against one another.  We tested tungsten lights, LEDs, HMIs, and flourescents.  We kept it simple: we lit our subject, Simone, with each light without any diffusion and through a 2×3 silk.  Everything took place inside a 12×12 black duvatyne tent. Everything was shot on a Sony Fs100 with Metabones adapter and Zeiss ZE 35mm. Take a look...Read More

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