RØDE Rockumentary $25K Film Competition.


RØDE has just announced a killer documentary competition with over $25K in prizes. The winner will be flown to Hollywood to shoot a documentary with the help of Philip Bloom and Jason Wingrove. Here is a rip from the RØDE website. “Simply submit your best video up to 2 mins long that uses a RØDE mic in production and we could be sending you on a trip to document the winner of RØDE Rocks as...Read More

Canon Announces Firmware 2.0.X Update For 7D Includes Manual Audio Controls.


Canon has finally announced the only firmware update most 7D owners care about. No, it’s not fixes to the Dutch language menu. It’s manual audio! It looks like it will be available sometime in August. I wonder if this means we will see a Canon 7D MKII in the near future? Here is a rip from the Canon press release. “For the ultimate in custom audio when recording motion images, this firmware upgrade enables...Read More

First Look Snap Focus Follow Focus At EVS.


I got to check out the new Snap Focus follow focus system designed by Brandon David Cole at EVS. The bicycle lever style follow focus is a completely new way to pull focus and adjust zoom. The lever system works both ways to adjust focus near and far respectively. I found the system to be very intuitive and the ergonomics quite good. I prefer a more traditional follow focus system but I can see...Read More

Gear is not a bad four letter word: The story vs gear argument


I like to talk tech.  Its something I have always done.  I used to take cameras apart and put them back together without leftover screws.  I learned every camera manual that was available on S16 and 35mm while others were reading On Golden Pond, The Outsiders, etc.  So tech is ingrained in my brain.  I have always been a mechanically inclined person.  Engineering has a place in my heart and head.  Jump to now...Read More

Canon EOS Rebel T4i Has Clean HDMI Out. Almost. *UPDATE*


Guy Thatcher over at Hire A Camera got his hands on the new Canon EOS Rebel T4i. There had been some rumblings that is has a clean HDMI out signal over at Cinema5D. However they had a prototype model and it could not be 100% verified. Well it looks like the new T4i does have a clean HDMI out at 1920 X 1080. This would be a huge bonus from this sub $1K camera....Read More

Is 2/3″ also dying? Fast track to S35 Digital Cinema.


Read More

Promoting your film and yourself.


  This community we call film is small. Smaller than most know.  One of the most important things I have found that you can do is to share your knowledge and also pay attention to what others are doing.  I joined Twitter a while ago but didn’t really start doing much with it till around this time last year. I think I had a few hundred followers at best and they were not targeting...Read More

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