Avid Media Composer/Symphony 6 R3D Complete Workflow 11min Guide


Works with RED One, RED MX, and RED EPIC files up to 5K. Does not work with HDRx. Scarlet support coming soon. Make sure to download the RED plugin from Avid’s website. It’s required for this workflow. Avid AMA Plugin site Download REDCINE X PRO Here. I’m using Symphony 6 here but the workflow is identical in Media Composer. Start in Redcinex pro for a one light of the R3ds. Then we go to...Read More

Competition is good: Life after Red


Moore’s law is the observation that over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years.  I think this law has changed for our market.  At least when it comes to camera technology.  Back in 2007 the Red One camera was released.  For most of us (who did not finance or were not personal friends of Jim Jannard) didn’t actually get the camera into our hands...Read More

The Big Ass Lighting Demo. EVS July 13th, 2012. Prizes.


We will be testing every light we can get our dirty little hands on this Friday, July 13th at EVS in Glendale. EVS has agreed to provide us with a stage and any light they have in their shop. We will also be grabbing some gear from lighting manufactures here in Hollywood. This is an open event with food, games and prizes! There will be a few top shooters from the ASC and anyone...Read More

Tools to help your project be successful.


What to write about.  Its the day before Independence day.  Everyone has left work early, is “out sick”, or are on vacation.  I could have bailed on this but why?  There is plenty of things going on.  So I decided I would talk a bit about opportunity.  Specifically Kickstarter and IndeGoGo.  These are great tools for an artist, designer, etc to raise money to fund their project.  Usually in the past we needed to...Read More

Indieshot Concept DSLR Dolly Slider Glider Crane All Rolled Into One.


This all in one DSLR concept accessory may not be the best at any of it’s features but the design is pretty cool. This could be a great accessory for event photography and travel. Here is a rip from the CNET post. Follow @goforjared Click here to check it out. “Los Angeles-based designer Grant Parrinello has come up with a concept design that combines multiple videography accessories into one. It acts as a steadicam to help...Read More

RØDE Rockumentary $25K Film Competition.


RØDE has just announced a killer documentary competition with over $25K in prizes. The winner will be flown to Hollywood to shoot a documentary with the help of Philip Bloom and Jason Wingrove. Here is a rip from the RØDE website. “Simply submit your best video up to 2 mins long that uses a RØDE mic in production and we could be sending you on a trip to document the winner of RØDE Rocks as...Read More

Canon Announces Firmware 2.0.X Update For 7D Includes Manual Audio Controls.


Canon has finally announced the only firmware update most 7D owners care about. No, it’s not fixes to the Dutch language menu. It’s manual audio! It looks like it will be available sometime in August. I wonder if this means we will see a Canon 7D MKII in the near future? Here is a rip from the Canon press release. “For the ultimate in custom audio when recording motion images, this firmware upgrade enables...Read More

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