Flare 2K SDI High Speed Camera By IO Industries Cine Gear 2012.


Here is a quick video of the IO Industries Flare high speed camera. This camera has a lot of promise with2K at 359 FPS. However it is a smallish 2/3″ sensor and that may keep this puppy in the sports tele world. It would be cool to see a S35 sensor rocking this kind of speed at this price! Follow @goforjared Flare 2M360-CL  – 2048h x 1088v – Camera Link: Base, Medium, Full, Full+...Read More

Resolution Isn’t Everything: S16/35MM R.I.P. 1891 – 2012


  I think its interesting and funny at the same time that companies are now jumping on the 4K bandwagon in regards to cameras, editing and monitoring.  We had 4K and 2K for a long time with 16mm and 35mm film.  For over 100 years in fact.  Its not new, and we have for the most part always been able to screen in 4K via a 35mm film projector.  This is how we used...Read More

New Marshall 5.6″ Monitor Available Now.


Read More

The Extra Mile. DSLR Video.


  I can’t help but feel the the DSLR revolution has not only advanced what we can do with a camera (portability, serendipity, camera movement, etc) but has also created a lazy trend as well.  Something so light with a mindset of little thought needed can change that spontaneity into a rushed project.  The tripod seems to be an afterthought.  A shoulder mount rig or handheld becomes the norm.  It used be be hard...Read More

New 60 FPS SloPro App For iPhone.


I picked this up via FStoppers on Twitter. SloPro looks like a killer app addition for any iPhone 4s. The demo video looks pretty clean and you can’t go wrong with a free app. Here is a rip from the FStoppers post. “While some apps might say that they can record slow motion, chances are they are using software to blend frames together and interpolated pixels are created to simulate slow motion. This technique...Read More

Sony Announces NEX F3 Camera. $600 With 18-55mm Lens.


The new Sony NEX F3 camera has been announced. The feature set is very similar to the popular Sony NEX 5N. This entry level interchangeable lens camera packs a punch with 60 fps in full 1920 X 1080 HD. It is also super cheap at just under $600 with the 18-55mm kit lens. The only major drawback I can see is the lack of interchangeable batteries. This would be a huge misstep for Sony....Read More

High-Speed & Time-Lapse.


  High-speed and time-lapse are sort of the opposite but make a great pair to write about.  One is hundreds of stills recorded per second and the other is generally one frame per second or longer.  I chose to write about both as both are of great interest to me. I have had a lot of opportunity to shoot with high-speed cameras for well over a decade now with my first experience being on...Read More

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