Wide Open Camera Cold Shoe Adapter For Sony NEX 5N Cameras.


We have a limited supply of these cold shoe adapters for the Sony NEX 5N camera. The adapter is made of aluminum with a black hard coat anodizing that is scratch resistant. One small set screw is included with a velvet carry pouch. The WOC Sony NEX 5N cold shoe adapter is $35.00 US with free shipping for US customers only.Read More

Becoming A Specialist VS. Jack (hack) Of All Trades!


The DSLR revolution has been beneficial to most starting out in the business and to existing working professionals it has caused some distention.  Affordable, compact, high quality cameras have opened up doors to many and has encroached on the turf of others. We have always seen the jack of all trades filmmaker in our business.  The director/actor/writer/DP/camera operator/composer/editor/producer, etc etc etc has been around for decades but this amalgamation of roles has certainly become...Read More

Movie Clip Of The Week. The Yards. Harris Savides.


The Yards was the first narrative feature I ever worked on. It was directed by James Gray with cinematography by Harris Savides. I was hired as the camera loader and got my ass kicked by the first AC throughout the entire film. It was shot mostly at night in and around Queens and Brooklyn, New York. The scene shown here is a great example of motion photography and interior lighting. Harris Savides is a...Read More

Nori Square Bounce Reflectors. Innovative New Design.


Here is a really cool new take on the lame old twist style reflectors out on the market. We have been looking for a travel friendly reflector system and I think the Nori Square Bounce may just be the answer. I picked this up via Matt Jeppsen on twitter. The system includes two 3.5′ square umbrella style reflectors. Both white and silver are included with a nifty carrying case. We are moving towards more...Read More

The Official Trailer For Tall As The Baobab Tree. By: Jeremy Teicher


Wide Open Camera helped produce this stunning film shot entirely in Africa with Canon DSLR’s and Carl Zeiss lenses by our very own Chris Collins. This will be our second feature production this year. Please help us in supporting this film any way you can. The oficial trailer for “Tall As The Baobab Tree” is out now. Here is a short Synopsis from director Jeremy Teicher. “Coumba and her little sister Debo are the...Read More

NAB 2012 – Assimilate Scratch


Karol talks with Sherif Sadek, of Assimilate, about their exciting new Scratch products to hit the market this year. With full ARRIRAW support and real-time effects, this is some serious tech for sure. Check it out!Read More

NAB 2012 – DSC Labs Ambi Combi


Karol talks with Matthew, from DSC Labs, about their new rear illuminated Ambi Combi chart. Matching multiple cameras on set? Check it out!Read More

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