NAB 2012 – DSC Labs Ambi Combi


Karol talks with Matthew, from DSC Labs, about their new rear illuminated Ambi Combi chart. Matching multiple cameras on set? Check it out!Read More

NAB 2012 – Codex Vault


Karol talks with Laura, from Codex, about their Vault. An on set data ingest, management and deliverables hardware as well as their partnership with Canon. This new partnership will make Codex the premiere off board recorder for Canon 4K RAW motion files. Check it out!Read More

NAB 2012 – Que Audio


Karol talks with Mark over at Que Audio about their hot new products for audio production. We used Que Audio lavalier and shotgun mics while shooting The Board of Education documentary, and they worked really well for us. Check it out!Read More

“Out Of Focus” Trailer For Formatt Hitech. Inspire.


Here is the trailer for the “Out Of Focus” series we shot in part at NAB 2012 and in our studio in Hollywood, CA. We picked some of the people that have inspired us over the years and asked them questions about what has inspired them. I wanted to produce something that would last the test of time. I hope you as inspired by our film as we were while making this series. A...Read More

Storage, asset management and archive. Where does it all go?


I’m guessing most people who know me or read Wide Open Camera’s blog were expecting that I would make a post on high-speed for me next entry.  That will come at a later time but today’s post is on something fairly important that most of us don’t take seriously until its too late.  What do I do with all my data?  Clearly videotape is dead to 95% of the market if not more and...Read More

NAB 2012. Edelkrone DSLR Pocket Rig And Double Shoulder Rigs.


Turkish gear manufacture Edelkrone has a nifty new belt drive follow focus system that is built into the left handle of their newest DSLR rigs. The belt drive system has been around for some time and is fairly stable and easy to adjust. They also have redesigned their DSLR pocket rig into a very slick little package. The follow focus can be purchased separately for around $199 US. The double shoulder rig is a...Read More

The End Of The Gear Age. NAB 2012


Here are a few quick observations from NAB 2012. The gear market is completely over saturated. It seemed like everyone is now making some type of DSLR rig. I have never seen so many LED lights in my life. Other companies are getting into motion control. Just a few years back we only had two or three companies making affordable gear to go with our inexpensive DSLR cameras. That is when we were craving...Read More

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