Jag 35 : NAB 2012


It looks like the guys at Jag 35 are stepping up their game in the 4k world. They’re offering a nice alternative to the enormously expensive camera support for RED cameras. Check it out!Read More

SmallHD DP7 : NAB 2012


Karol talks with Wes Philips from SmallHD about their exciting new product line for 2012. Check it out!Read More

Carl Zeiss Lenses 70-200 and superspeed CP.2s : NAB 2012


We got a chance to talk with Richard Schleuning from Carl Zeiss Lenses about their new lens lineup for 2012 and beyond. They’re featuring a new 70-200mm cinema style zoom lens that will cover full frame cameras, a 15mm and 135mm CP.2, and 3 new superspeed CP.2s.Read More

NAB 2012: We’re Trying!


NAB 2012 hasn’t even opened yet, but the Wide Open Camera crew already has six interviews from the floor in the can. Unfortunately, we’re having some technical difficulties a.k.a. a slooooow internet connection. We don’t want that to stop us from letting you in on some solid info… We ran into Richard Schleuning at the Zeiss party, and he told us about a few new lenses. There’s a 70-200mm t2.8 CP.2 Cinema Zoom, 3...Read More

Canon Announces New 4K EOS 1D C DSLR And C500 Camera At Nab 2012. Update With Photos.


    Canon Eurpoe has just announced the new Canon 4K EOS 1 D C Camera. Here is a straight up rip from the Canon Europe post on the C.P.S. website. Click here to check it out.   April 2012 Canon has unveiled the 4K EOS-1D C – the most advanced EOS DSLR ever for shooting movies and the first DSLR camera to join Canon’s Cinema EOS System. The EOS-1D C retains the functionality...Read More

Canon Rumors New C100 & C500 Canon Cinema Camera At NAB 2012. *UPDATE*


Canon Rumors is reporting two new possible cinema cameras from Canon to be announced at NAB 2012. I have heard rumblings here in Hollywood about two possible cameras from Canon at NAB 2012. One camera in the $35K range (possibly the 4K number mentioned in the CR post?) The other hitting Sony hard at around $8K with possible 4K intentions? This may be the  Cine DSLR camera that has been shown alongside the popular...Read More

TS3Cine Cease And Desist Teaser Video NAB 2012.


Here is a little taste of the super high speed footage from the new TS3Cine camera. Some of the footage here is pretty amazing. This footage was all shot at a fairly low JPEG compression. The higher resolution TIFF RAW footage should be stunning. There is a lot more footage that is not show here. Stay tuned for more high speed goodness to follow. Click here to check out the TS3Cine camera. Thanks to...Read More

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