Sony NEX-FS700 : NAB 2012


Jared headed over the Sony booth to check out their new offering into high speed acquisition, the NEX-FS700. Check out what Sony has done to beef up the NEX-FS series.Read More

Zacuto Plasma Light : NAB 2012


Zacuto is always innovating the camera accessory game and this year they have stepped it up to lighting. Jared talks with Steve Weiss about Zacuto’s spanking new toys for 2012.Read More

Letus Helix : NAB 2012


Karol talks with Aaron Pinto about the new Letus Helix that made it’s debut today at the show. Check it out!Read More

Blackmagic Design 2.5K Camera for $3k : NAB 2012


Karol talks to the guys over at Blackmagic Design and gets the scoop on their newly announced Digital Cinema Camera. Very impressive for the price. Check it out!Read More

Jag 35 : NAB 2012


It looks like the guys at Jag 35 are stepping up their game in the 4k world. They’re offering a nice alternative to the enormously expensive camera support for RED cameras. Check it out!Read More

SmallHD DP7 : NAB 2012


Karol talks with Wes Philips from SmallHD about their exciting new product line for 2012. Check it out!Read More

Carl Zeiss Lenses 70-200 and superspeed CP.2s : NAB 2012


We got a chance to talk with Richard Schleuning from Carl Zeiss Lenses about their new lens lineup for 2012 and beyond. They’re featuring a new 70-200mm cinema style zoom lens that will cover full frame cameras, a 15mm and 135mm CP.2, and 3 new superspeed CP.2s.Read More

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