Canon Rumors. Possible 4K HDSLR. Why I’m Not Buying A 5D3 Just Yet.


Canon Rumors is reporting a possible 4K DSLR from Canon on April 16th at NAB 2012. There is also another event on the 15th. Two big announcements from Canon on the heels of the new 5D3 makes me want to wait and see what will be shown at NAB. I also think we may see a 4K camera from Sony. All of these factors give me pause to buy the new 5D3. I also...Read More

Tweet To Win A Formatt Hitech Multi-Stop Fader ND Filter.


  Formatt Hitech has been around for quite some time. They have a new Multi-Stop Fader ND filter that we will be giving away to a lucky twitter follower. Here is a little rip about the filter. “The new Multistop filter The new Multistop filter allows the use of one singular filter to adjust from 1 stops to 6 stops of added density, without the need to change the filter. With markings providing guides,...Read More

Interview With Digital Bolex Co-Founder Elle Schneider.


We got to spend a little time with Elle Schneider, the co-founder of the brand new Digital Bolex D16 camera system. We wanted to meet with her and discuss the new camera, kickstarter and release dates. The Digital Bolex kickstarter project kicked some serious ass in the first few days. They surpassed their funding goal and are still open to donations. I wanted to meet with the people behind this exciting new camera system...Read More

Using Spec Spots to Land Real Jobs


By: Chris Collins Here at Wide Open Camera we like to take measures into our own hands.  That’s part of the reason I have been such a strong supporter of going out and shooting spec commercials as a means for mastering your craft.  Director Ilya Polyakov and I began shooting spec spots together about two years ago for a contest website called Poptent. These are the kind of run and gun shoots that we...Read More

Tweet To Win A Formatt Hitech Warm 2 Cool Filter.


Here is a quick take on the Formatt Hitech Warm2Cool multi-stop filter. We try and do as much as possible in camera when allowed. This filter will work well to add that little bit of warmth or coolness to a scene. We will be giving away a 77mm size Warm2Cool filter to a lucky twitter follower. To win this filter simply follow @FormattHitech and tweet the following in quotes below. “Follow @FormattHitech via @wideopencamera...Read More

Production Breakdown A Guest Post By: Karol Escobar


Karol Escobar will be joining the Wide Open Camera team for NAB 2012. Please welcome her to the WOC family! We have great expectations for her and are excited to get Karol out in the field!  I asked her to write a quick post to break down a simple commercial shoot. Here it is. Please comment on this post! Thanks The Life of a Commercial Shoot By: Karol Escobar You’ve jumped every hoop! Put out every...Read More

New Carl Zeiss 15mm f2.8 Announced. $2900 Smackers.


Carl Zeiss Lenses announced the new 15mm f2.8 in Nikon (ZF) and Canon (ZE) mounts. The new super wide angle lens will be very useful for larger sensor cameras. We put our demo lens through some rough situations as you can see in the video. It is one of the sharpest wide angle lenses I have ever used. The new 15mm f2.8 is not cheap at around $2900 US. Here is the Press Release...Read More

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