Funny Parody Demo Review Of Canon 5D3 Vs. Nikon D800.


Kevin Good over at Crisis Lab in DC put together this very funny comparison of the new Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800. There have been so many test videos and demo videos out there for both cameras. This is a refreshing look at how crazy it can get. I doubt they actually crushed the 5D3. To check out Crisis Lab click here. Here is a rip from the post. “This was...Read More

Mike Sutton AKA @MNS1974 Joins The WOC Crew.


Mike Sutton AKA @MNS1974 will be joining the Wide Open Camera crew as a new contributor. Mike has a vast knowledge of camera systems and shoots some amazing commercial cinematography. He reigns from the East Coast and will add that no nonsense edge to our website. Please join me in welcoming him to the WOC family. He will be posting regularly in the Skid Row section of our blog. Look for new and exciting...Read More

Sony NEX-FS700 – A Nerds Perspective


“Houston… The unicorn has landed.” Sony has turned the world on its head today April 2nd, with the release of the new NEX-FS700. This IS the bigger brother to the Sony FS100 touting a new 4K sensor with 8.3 megapixels devoted to recording video. It has on board a 12 bit analog to digital converter handling all that data coming off the sensor, which by the way is a new Sony EXMOR 4K sensor...Read More

New Sony FS700 Photos Leaked Out To Press. **Update**


The good folks over at C5D got an anonymous tip on some still photos of the new Sony FS700 camera. The specifications are starting to leak out as well. Some rumors are that it will shoot 120-240 fps in full HD 1920 X 1080. This looks like one kick ass camera. Click here to go to C5D. Den Lennie got his hand on a Sony FS700. Click here to check out his hands on...Read More

New 4K Sony FS700 To Premiere At NAB 2012.


It looks like Sony may be stepping up their game to a 4K platform. Rumor has it that Sony will announce a new FS camera at NAB 2012. The new Sony FS700 will have all the bells and whistles with the addition of 4K capability. All of this sexiness with a sub $8K price tag could make this the next camera for me. Here is a rip from the EOS HD post. I only...Read More

Canon Rumors. Possible 4K HDSLR. Why I’m Not Buying A 5D3 Just Yet.


Canon Rumors is reporting a possible 4K DSLR from Canon on April 16th at NAB 2012. There is also another event on the 15th. Two big announcements from Canon on the heels of the new 5D3 makes me want to wait and see what will be shown at NAB. I also think we may see a 4K camera from Sony. All of these factors give me pause to buy the new 5D3. I also...Read More

Tweet To Win A Formatt Hitech Multi-Stop Fader ND Filter.


  Formatt Hitech has been around for quite some time. They have a new Multi-Stop Fader ND filter that we will be giving away to a lucky twitter follower. Here is a little rip about the filter. “The new Multistop filter The new Multistop filter allows the use of one singular filter to adjust from 1 stops to 6 stops of added density, without the need to change the filter. With markings providing guides,...Read More

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