The importance of being agnostic… with cameras.

Just the Cut

There is an alphabet soup stirring around the camera industry today. Names like: PMW-F3, EOS C300, NEX-FS100, and what about the HD-RH1? Also, you have inspiring names out there such as Alexa, Epic, Scarlet, and Phantom. Ok, so many of you reading this are already thinking, “Sure. But get to point. Which one is the best?” Well, how do you define best? Best: adj \ˈbest\ : most productive of good : offering or producing...Read More

***FAKE***Kickstart This Puppy Into Flight. The eye3 DSLR Hexacopter.***FAKE***


Apparently this was some kind of scam. Please move on to one of our other great posts! We apologize for the wasted time. This is one really cool Kickstarter project. The eye3 is a hexacopter that will carry any camera under twelve pounds. It is easy to assemble, safe to fly and under a grand! Kellie Sigler has already surpassed her goal of 25K and is still taking pre-orders. The basic kit is just...Read More

Sundance Update: The Next Indie Film Worth Waiting to See

Cameras / Chris Collins

By: Chris Collins Timelapse “cinematography” has come under some criticism recently based on the fact that a cinematographer needs to be versatile. Timelapse is like a hammer in a toolbox, but it is useless without the rest of the tools.  It can be incredibly beautiful, and it takes a tremendous amount of talent to achieve the kind of results that can be seen by such specialists as Tom Lowe and Philip Bloom. However, the...Read More

Sony Announces New Camera Sensors With HDR Movie Function. Video Demo.


Sony has announced two new CMOS image sensors that have HDR video capability. This would be a huge advance for Sony cameras. An HDR feature would be a great option to have for situations like the one above. There was not too much info in the press release, however the video speaks volumes. I expect to see more about this at NAB 2012. I picked this up from @SonyAlphaRumors on Twitter. Click here to...Read More

Get Lit: Using Sidelight for a Dramatic Effect


By: Chris Collins I am a sucker for dramatic lighting. That’s why I was so excited when Jared Abrams decided that we should go with a moody look for the interviews in The Board of Education documentary. I decided to go with a fairly contrasty, side-lit look for the interviews which I have accomplished on the road with a few Ikan 312 LED lights. We were fortunate enough to get hooked up by Roman...Read More

Schneider Optics True Match Vari ND Fader Filter Video Review.


Here is the new Schneider Optics True-Match Vari-ND fader filter. Schneider claims that because of the matched glass there is no color shift on this fader ND filter. It will also give you from 1/1/3 to 11 stops of ND filtration. We took it out for a few exterior shots here in Hollywood. The results were quite good. I can only see a slight color shift on the focus chart with the dollar bill....Read More

Accounting Tips From Michelle Brown. Shoot, Invoice, Get Paid!


  By: Michelle Brown AKA @MoshBrown on Twitter As a filmmaker, cinematographer, or editor, there are three important steps you should know about billing. Step one: book a gig. Step two: track your time and expenses. Step three: invoice correctly. If you follow these simple steps, there might even be a fourth one: profit! I am an accountant who works with a large number of contractors and consultants. I’ve seen everything, and I know...Read More

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