Rental Rates. Part 3 Of 3 Insurance, Day Rates And Rental Rates.


I started out working at a camera rental house called CSC in New York many years ago. I am a huge believer in renting equipment. I also recommend starting a relationship with your local shop. This could very well save your ass one day. A rental house is also a place to demo new equipment. Most shops are willing to let you demo new gear in house on a slow day. This is a...Read More

Guest Post By: Roman M France On New Cameras And Lighting.


Our good friend Roman M. France asked if we would post his reaction to our recent Cinematography post. Here is his email in it’s entirety unedited. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Click here to check out Roman’s website. The HDSLR revolution has proven to be a little bittersweet. On the one hand it provided countless artists with powerful and affordable tools to bring their imagination to life. Images reminiscent of Hollywood...Read More

Cinematography Is A Frame Of Mind. Not A Specific Camera.


  This is a bit of a knee jerk reaction to the latest crop of new cameras about to be unleashed upon the public at NAB 2012 and the new Canon 5D Mark III. Canon has a great marketing team. They did a fantastic job selling the new 5D3. I want one! However I do not think in any way that the new 5D3, C300, C EOS, Scarlet or Arri Alexa will make me...Read More

Canon 5D Mark III Vs. 5D Mark II 12800 ISO Test Footage.


Here is a very quick test comparing the new Canon 5D Mark III vs. the Canon 5D Mark II from Vimeo user Saika. The test footage from the 5D3 was shot at 12800 ISO. There is significantly less noise in the 5D3 footage. Now that the camera is out in the wild we should see more video comparisons. Here is a rip from the post translated from Japanese to English. “Photography was used to...Read More

Nikon Steals Canon 5D MK II Footage For D800 Promo Video. *Update*


According to Steve’s Digicams, Nikon has committed the ultimate photography sin. They used stolen Canon 5D MK II footage to promo the new Nikon D800. In fact they used about ten seconds of footage shot with other cameras. It has been confirmed that at least some of the footage was shot by TSO Photography and The Art Of Flight footage, shot with a Phantom. Here is a rip from the article. Click here for more info. ***UPDATE*...Read More

Canon Announces 5D Mark III $3499. Hands On Video. Sample Footage.


Canon finally announced the new 5D Mark III today. I picked up this hands on video from The Verge. Here is a rip from the post and a break down of the video specifications from the Canon press release. It’s too bad that Canon has yet to add full 1920 X 1080 60P, otherwise it looks to be a promising camera for both video and stills. Follow @goforjared Here is some sample footage from...Read More

Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS Lens Test Video.


Here is a quick test video of the new Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS with the Sony NEX 5N camera. We shot everything at f1.8 100 ISO with Tungsten White Balance. The manual focus is like waiting for a bus and the OSS is very quiet but does not perform as well as expected. The Sony 50mm f1.8 is fast and fairly sharp and will work well in a locked off position. However, I...Read More

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