Nasty Clamps Nasty Flag Quick Take Video.


Here is a quick take on the new French Flag from Nasty Clamps. The Nasty Flag is simply a Nasty Clamp with a French Flag. There are three mounting holes at the base of the flag. There is a matte side and shiny side. If you already own a Nasty Clamp the Nasty Flag can be purchased separately. The Nasty Flag will set you back around sixty smackers. A French Flag of some kind...Read More

Non Union Day Rates. Part 2 Of 3. Ins, Day Rates and Rental Rates.


It’s almost impossible to sum up years of experience, months of research and countless hours in the field into a simple day rate. Yet we are asked to do it all the time. A typical gig for me will start with an availability check. Then it’s followed with how wonderful and easy the project will be. Then we finally get to the dreaded question of how much do you charge? If this is a...Read More

Insurance, Day Rates and Rental Rates. Part 1 Of 3


Here is part one of a three part series on production basics for camera operators and new DOP’s. With the rise of the DSLR many camera operators and DOP’s are now owner/operators. This presents some new challenges and the first line of defense is getting good equipment insurance. Some of the bigger home or renter’s insurance companies may protect your equipment. However I have some of the best insurance on the planet (USAA) and...Read More

Canoflex Type C300 Cinema Base Shows Up At Filmtools. Quick Take Video.


Every time I swing into Filmtools they have a shiny new piece of gear to check out. This time Jim Martin had the new Canoflex cinema base for the Canon C300 camera. This base looks very similar to the older Arri 16 SR cameras. The Canoflex has two 3/8-16″ threads in front for 15mm rods. It has one 3/8-16″  camera left side mount and two 3/8-16″ threads on the bottom. There are a bunch...Read More

Canon 5D3 Photos And New Date Of March 2, 2012.


Canon Rumors has been flip flopping on the release date of the new Canon 5D3 from Feb 28th to March 3rd, 2012. In any case a few new photos have surfaced and it seems like we may get a headphone out jack on the new camera. I am also skeptical if these photos are indeed real. Either way we will be providing updates when it is released. Here are the photos from Canon Rumors.Read More

Really Cool Designed and Made Moco Wooden Dolly For $599 US.


I picked this up via @VisionWrangler on Twitter. This is one super cool DIY dolly. Sliders have taken over the planet and this one offers a few unique options that rival the big boys for twice the price. Here is a rip from the Cinescopophilia post. Click here to go to the Designed and Made website. Order this fully assembled dolly perfect for shooting time-lapse videos for just $599. Please allow 2-3 weeks for...Read More

New Zacuto bits to control your accessories.


I just recently came across some cool new Zacuto parts that I think will be a worthwhile addition to any kit. It really doesn’t matter what camera system you are using with these pieces either. Having been tested on DSLRs and the Sony Fs100, I really dig the new way Zacuto thought out mounting accessories to your camera. There was quick moment before the client arrived so Alex Walker and I had time to...Read More

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