Accounting Tips From Michelle Brown. Shoot, Invoice, Get Paid!


  By: Michelle Brown AKA @MoshBrown on Twitter As a filmmaker, cinematographer, or editor, there are three important steps you should know about billing. Step one: book a gig. Step two: track your time and expenses. Step three: invoice correctly. If you follow these simple steps, there might even be a fourth one: profit! I am an accountant who works with a large number of contractors and consultants. I’ve seen everything, and I know...Read More

Sony Nex 5N Road Test. Better Than The Canon G1X.


  I have had the Sony Nex 5N for a few months now and wanted to share some of its strengths and weaknesses. This little APS-C sensor camera is awesome for B-Roll and other secondary camera options. It is not the best A camera out there and I would caution anyone from trying to use it as their main camera system. The Sony Nex5 N is ultra portable, has great image quality and will...Read More

Canon C300 Available For Pre-Order. Buyer Beware!


Now that the new Canon C300 is available for pre-order I wanted to caution anyone on the fence about this camera. It will not guarantee you any more work than you already have. If you are thinking about upgrading to larger sensor video cameras from your DSLR’s then please take a moment and really think about your own work situation. The 15K Canon C300 is just a little too steep to be an owner...Read More

Metabones Announces Canon EF To Sony NEX Mount Adapter With Aperture Control.


Metabones has announced a Canon EF to Sony E Mount adapter with electronic aperture control. They are using Conurus out of Vancouver, Canada as their distributor. Conurus has been modifying Zeiss lenses to work with Canon bodies for quite some time now. Some of you may be familiar with their Contax N series 17-35mm f2.8 conversion to EF mount. Now it looks as if they are making electronic adapters. I have not had the...Read More

Zacuto Scorpion Rig Available Now For $2500.


The kick ass Scorpion rig from Zacuto is finally available. We got the chance to test out the prototype a little less than a year ago. Zacuto has been refining it for some time and now it is available. This is the best rig I have ever used for DSLR cameras. The balance and ergonomics of this rig are awesome. It is also one of the most robust hand held rigs I have ever...Read More

Quick Take: Benro Travel Flat Tripod Review.


We recently picked up the Benro Travel Flat Tripod model number A1190T. This was the less expensive Aluminum model. They also make pricey carbon fiber models. We have been using the Sachtler DV6 with CF legs for most of our travel jobs, however even that little tripod is a pain in the ass to carry through airports with multiple connections, etc. Not to mention the scary thought of it being subject to a gate...Read More

Killer Kessler Crane Promo By Michael Sutton.


Michael Sutton AKA @MNS1974 on Twitter sent us this killer Kessler Crane Promo video. This is how all equipment manufactures should showcase their gear. I asked Michael for a little info about the shoot. Here is his response. “I was asked by Eric Kessler to commission a lobby video for their office and for the upcoming Philip Bloom documentary on Kessler Crane. Eric wanted product shots in a style similar to how I shoot...Read More

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