This article is part of a series. Read part 1 here. Okay, yesterday we talked about the very topline elements of turning that shiny camera into a revenue stream for yourself. Cameras are great because they’re so knowable. I change a setting, there’s a predictable outcome, I can plan for it, etc. etc. The concrete, objective, expertise related value curve of camera experience (now say that fast) is one you can hook a career...Read More



Warning: This post got out of hand, but there’s lots to say. The landscape That got your attention didn’t it? Anyone working in production or wishing to work in production right now, fear not, there’s more work around than there’s ever been, the business is thriving, in fact it’s buzzing. Just look at all the new platforms for moving image currently around and even the biggest luddite around will see that video, as predicted...Read More

Tascam iM2 Microphone For iPhone 4s Quick Take Audio Test.


The Tascam iM2 stereo microphone is exactly what I expected it to be. A cheap piece of stereo mic plastic. It has a few decent features like adjustable level input, a limiter switch and built in preamps. The stereo microphone itself is OK. It’s the clunky PCM Recorder App that really turned me off to this setup. The App looks sleek but has a few serious problems. The first hurdle is loss of network...Read More



There’s a constant and nagging thread that runs through the back catalogue of production I’ve been lucky enough to work on. At every turn I’m frustrated about something, might be a lack of budget, it might be a lack of talent, it might be an idiotic client, or it might be just something as simple as a lack of time. Whatever it is, I seem to always be making excuses. “I’m really good, I...Read More

No Budget Porsche Spec Ad BTS


So I was recently asked to build out my commercial portfolio. I was also in the process of selling my car. Seemed like the perfect solution would be to shoot a spec ad and take care of both problems. Now I’m not one to do things the easy way. I wasn’t about to just get some shots of the car driving by with a tripod and call it a day. For awhile now I’ve...Read More

Boris Continuum 8 sharpening/film grain & Sorenson x264 for DSLR


One thing that really grinds my gears about the majority of DSLR footage that is seen online is that people grade it with out remembering that film has range. Often times they’ll make it super contrasty and end up blowing out the highlights which just ends up making it look even more like video. On top of that most H.264 encodes for the web will shift the gamma of the resulting file, ruining a...Read More

Avid Media Composer 6 to After Effects CS5.5 w/ Automatic Duck


So Premiere is quickly becoming the go to option for editors making the switch from FCP. The dynamic link between Premiere and After Effects is a very tempting bit of kit. But for those of you who prefer having the media management powerhouse that is Avid, fear not, because Automatic Duck is now a free plugin! Head here to download now Take a look at this simple walkthrough of how to take a sequence...Read More

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