Freelance. To Incorporate Or Not.


If you work as a freelance or independant contractor you may want to look into the benefits of incorporating as a small business. I have done this for many years with great results. I can only offer a camera perspective but I suspect that it applies to all trades in the film industry. As a freelance cameraman I work sporadically and my pay rate varies from gig to gig. This can put me in...Read More

A R3D Workflow


RED. Love them or despise them. That seems to be the polar climate for this camera company and its fan(boys) and dissenters. The camera is always in Beta. Be it a Red One MX, an EPIC, or the forthcoming Scarlet (whenever those actually start hitting the wild). It freezes, stalls, crashes, or quits on you in the most unwanted situations. But, when Venus is rising and you have a mild barometric pressure that day,...Read More



  (If you can put the quality up to 720, makes a difference…) If you read which I highly suggest you do, you’ll probably have seen the almighty shit-stirring fest provoked by one Sarah Balchik (smart money on this being the infamous Salah Baker more from Salah here) UPDATE: Maybe the money isn’t so smart after all, seems like it really is someone else with the same initials who launched an all out...Read More



Some footage from my Indian Ocean shoots. Reviews are a funny thing. People are given access to a camera, they then invariably shoot tests with it, after which they draw conclusions based on previous experiences, good or bad. The camera is then marked out of ten. Or five. Or given stars, or funky little camera icons, or a pros and cons list, or… and so on. Recently we were treated to a review that...Read More

Lessons Learned Where You Least Expect It.


I recently shot a few interviews for the Making Of website. I got the email and quickly followed up with this reply. Yes, I am available. What’s the shoot and what is the rate. The response was two short interviews and the rate was very low. However it’s the holidays and I am a sucker for extra cash around this time of the year. They wanted to shoot two cameras. Both locked off on...Read More



This is an article I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but I just keep pussying out. I wrote a 1,000 word version already and then canned it because I was too scared about pissing everyone off. But here we go: Why is so much mediocre work held up as ‘amazing’ or ‘stunning’ when, actually, it probably isn’t? What are the consequences of that? Should we care? And what could we do...Read More

Get Lit: The LED Lights We Travel With


By: Chris Collins When we travel we do it light! We carry on everything, and lights go in the camera bag. We started using the Lite Panel Micro Pro a few years ago and have since moved on to the Ikan 312 and Switronix Torch LED lights. I took 2 Ikan 312s to Sengal, Africa while shooting La Promese, and they turned out to be life savers. We continue to use them on The...Read More

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