Wide Open Camera Interview With Carlos Acosta From Solid Camera.


Here is a quick interview with Carlos Acosta from Solid Camera in Burbank, California. Carlos is a former DP turned equipment guru. He has been doing the secret project game for quite some time. Now he is designing practical equipment for everyday use. He is very passionate about his work and it shows in this interview. Click here to check out some of his gear.Read More

Zacuto Wins Emmy For “Film Fellas” Web Series.


The crew over at Zacuto have done it again. They are always pushing the limits of Wen content and this time they beat out a few broadcast shows to take the prize. This is a huge win for the online content community. If this is the future than we might just have a chance at web equality. Here is a rip from Zacuto’s Vimeo page. “Move over broadcast programming! Web TV is here to...Read More

How To Attach A Filter To Any Lens With Industry Tape.


Here is a quick and easy way to attach filters to any lens. This application works well for many purposes. This will work with most styles of paper tape, however Industry Tape has no residue and will stay sticky after many applications. It will also tear very easily and makes this star type pattern possible without scissors. This application can be used in lieu of a matte box if it is too large for...Read More

Interview With Andrew Reid From EOS HD.


I wanted to interview Andrew Reid from the website EOS HD. His website specilizes in all things DSLR. He has also written two e-books on using anamorphic lenses with the newer  DSLR cameras. His site has done very well in the past year and I wanted to find out more about the man behind EOS HD. Here is the interview. . When did you realize that you were going to get into cinematography/filmmaking? I...Read More

Canon C300 16000 ISO With Canon 14.5-60mm PL Zoom Lens Test Footage. Update .MXF file Link.


I managed to bootleg a little more footage. This time I used one of the Canon C300 cameras with the new Canon 14.5-60mm PL Zoom lens. This was a little test area Canon had set up in the Hollywood Expo area. I borrowed a CF card from Arri’s Snehal Patel and simply put it in the camera and hit record. I tried to do it with the new telephoto zoom but the camera had...Read More

New Gear From Zacuto, Redrock Micro, Genus, Letus and Arri For Canon C300


**** The C300 Footage Does Not Represent The Camera Very Well. ***** The new Canon Cinema EOS C300 camera can be used without any accessories at all. The handle is quite beefy and should work well for quick hand held shots. The major accessory manufactures have already designed a bunch of gear for the new Canon C300 camera. Redrock Micro has a cage system, Zacuto has a new base plate and hand held rig...Read More

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Footage From Camera On Showroom Floor


I threw a borrowed CF card from Snehal Patel and Joseph Jang rocked the steadicam at the Canon Announcement at Paramount studios. The Canon Rep set up the camera so I am not sure what the exact settings were. Had to use Sony XD cam software to convert the .XML files into .MOV files for FCP. Worked quite well. I’ll get the full video up tonight. Music: Evil Eye By: Fu ManchuRead More

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