The Sony Nex 5N Kicks The Red Scarlet’s Ass! TBOE Opening Sequence Footage.


Like the sensational headline? Just a kick in the pants to wake everyone up to this killer little camera from Sony. It’s not a Scarlet killer but we were able to get it in places that even a larger DSLR might have trouble. Not to mention only wasting away $600 plus the $275 lens, if it gets trashed. A Great little B camera, similar to the “B-Camera” Red Scarlet Right? I would rather risk...Read More

Tweet To Win An ikan Expandable Sling Bag.


ikan has been very supportive of our film The Board Of Education and sent us a killer ikan explorer camera bag. They also sent the ikan expandable sling bag and an AC1 belt pouch. We wanted to spread the wealth and give them away via Twitter. The sling bag looks to be a killer addition to any camera kit. It will hold two lenses and a bunch of other smaller AKS. It can also...Read More



C300 or Scarlet? Hmm. For me the choice is easy. Neither. I can’t afford them. Stu Maschwitz wrote a very good piece recently examining the current large sensor landscape available to us seemingly never satisfied consumers. In it he said of the FS100: This camera isn’t going to knock your socks off with colorimetry or latitude, but it deserves our attention for shoring up many of the shortcomings we lament in our HDSLRs without...Read More

Tweet To Win A Que Audio DSLR Sniper Kit.


The cool people over at Que Audio have agreed to let us give away one of their DSLR sniper kits via Twitter. The Sniper Kit has a ultra portable on camera microphone, a boom pole and mic stand. It can be used for run and gun as well as interview situations. We have been using the Que Audio 210 Shotgun Mic with our Sony FS100 for quite some time with great results. We also...Read More



Convergence. It’s given us the iPhone, it’s given us hybrid cars, it’s given us video DSLRs. It’s also given rise to a technocracy in which those with the big armoury of technical skills thrive, and the specialists struggle. Photographers become filmmakers, necessarily become editors, etc. etc. In performing arts they talk about the double threat, the triple threat, the (whisper it) quadruple threat. Justin Timberlake is a quadruple threat: he sings, he dances, he...Read More

Wide Open Camera Interview With Carlos Acosta From Solid Camera.


Here is a quick interview with Carlos Acosta from Solid Camera in Burbank, California. Carlos is a former DP turned equipment guru. He has been doing the secret project game for quite some time. Now he is designing practical equipment for everyday use. He is very passionate about his work and it shows in this interview. Click here to check out some of his gear.Read More

Zacuto Wins Emmy For “Film Fellas” Web Series.


The crew over at Zacuto have done it again. They are always pushing the limits of Wen content and this time they beat out a few broadcast shows to take the prize. This is a huge win for the online content community. If this is the future than we might just have a chance at web equality. Here is a rip from Zacuto’s Vimeo page. “Move over broadcast programming! Web TV is here to...Read More

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