Canon 5D3 Concept 4K Camera Revealed By Photography Bay


There was some speculation about this during the Engadget Live Blog. Some keen eyes picked on this from Giulio Sciorio on Twitter to Photography Bay we have the new Canon 4K concept camera. Boring Press Release Rip from Photography Bay Here. More details below. HOLLYWOOD, California, November 3, 2011/TOKYO, November 4, 2011 – Canon Inc. today announced that the company is developing a new-concept EOS-series digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Incorporating an enhanced version...Read More

Canon Announces The New Cinema EOS C300 Super 35 Video Camera. Update Video.


Today Canon announced the new EOS C300 C Super 35 Video Camera.The new offerings from Canon are sure to shake up the cinema world here in Hollywood and beyond. The cameras will be available in two versions. A $15K EST. PL mount and $12K EST. EF mount. Both cameras will have similar performance attributes. Here is a list of specifications. * Dual Hot swappable CF card slots. * Removable 4″ LCD monitor. * HDMI...Read More

AVID Media Composer 6 Preview: Part 1


Today is the day. With Canon and RED sucking up all the limelight for this day you could have not known about this new AVID release. Well it’s here and packed with new features that make it better than ever. If you have been lamenting with the thought of what NLE to use after FCP 7 ceases to be relevant, FCPX makes you shudder, and Premiere Pro is not for you; this is what...Read More

I Am A Filmmaker. By: Zack McTee


      ***A guest appearance by: Zack McTee*** When I was 14 I got my first job at a water park. When I was 15 I got my first LEGAL job at Kentucky Fried Chicken. As cliche’ as it may sound, by this time I already knew I wanted to make movies when I grew up. I’ve been working professionally in the filmmaking business for nearly 10 years, so I’m completely comfortable calling...Read More

Canon November Announcement Email Invite.


I finally got my dirty little hands on the Golden Ticket to the November Canon announcement. I had to bribe a few people and sell of a ton of gear but I think it’s worth it. Here is how it’s going to go down this week. Canon is going to announce the new cameras and lenses on November 3rd. This day is specified for media only. I think there will be a few Hollywood...Read More

Canon Announcement Rumors Round Up. Final Thoughts.


The Uber announcement from Canon on November 3rd, 2011 is just a few days away and I wanted to lay out what I have heard about the cameras so far. Red is also announcing the release of the much anticipated Scarlet. This is all second hand info gathered from various sources and methods including carrier pigeon. * There will be at least two cameras announced, possibly three. * PL and EF for sure. I...Read More

KEH Camera Six Month Warranty On Used Gear.


KEH Camera has recently added a six month warranty to their used products. This is a major bonus when buying used equipment. I am a big supporter of buying used gear first. KEH camera is one of the best resources available for lenses and other rare items. They also have a full line up of Bolex equipment. Their rating system is spot on. I bought two used Canon 28-70mm zooms. One from Adorama and...Read More

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