Quick Take. Zacuto Pincher HDMI Cable Holder.


This is one badass accessory that every one should have in their kit. The days of dealing with HDMI cables becoming disconnected are over! Not sure how much this bad boy costs, but it is worth it. Music: “It’s Just Begun” By: Jimmy Castor Check out Zacuto for more info. Dig this killer video from Rob and Spirit Juice Studios.Read More

The Board Of Education Teaser Trailer.

The Board Of Education

“> Here is a little teaser I put together prior to our kickstarter launch. I tried to sync the narration and words on the screen. I felt that this made it a little more potent. If you watch it more than once you might pick up on this. At least that was my intention. Stay tuned for more info and check for updates on the film. Thanks for checking it out. In the...Read More

10 Reasons to love the FS100


NB: This is a post with no pictures, I’m sitting in an airport in Mauritius and the internet is so slow every I could get on a plane and hand deliver it to Jared and you’d get it quicker. *Update* I added a stock photo for you brother. It might seem strange to write 10 reasons to love the FS100 so quickly after writing the 10 reasons to hate the damn thing, but it’s...Read More

Canon To Announce New Camera In Hollywood November 3rd, 2011. *Update*


If this has anything to do with the rumor I picked up last week about a possible new Super 35 4K camera from Canon then we are all in for one killer ride. Engadget is reporting a major announcement from Canon here in Hollywood. The event will take place November 3rd, 2011. Here is a rip from the Engadget post. Click here to check it out. Here are the possible specifications. 1. Canon Super...Read More

10 Reasons to hate the Sony FS100


I’ve been in possession of a Sony FS100 for a month now and shot with it in the UK, the Maldives and South Africa and the peculiar annoyances of this camera are becoming increasingly pointed. So much so that I thought I’d write a two part entitled ’10 reasons to…’ because you need to know what there is to love and hate about the FS. Why? Because, along with the AF101, it’s the only...Read More

Quick Take New Sachtler Ace Tripod Review.


I got my dirty little hands on a demo unit of the new $650 Sachtler Ace Tripod Over at Filmtools. The Sachtler sales rep Jim Davis was nice enough to let me beat it up a bit on the showroom floor. I opened the legs and clicked through all of the settings. The feel of the fluid head is different than traditional Sachtler heads. Typically there is a slight delay before the pan or tilt “click”...Read More

Tweet To Win Wide Open Camera Gear.


To thank all of our viewers and to celebrate the new look of the site. We will be giving away some Wide Open Camera gear. There will be three prizes. A 77mm 3-Stop Polarizer, a 77mm LCW Fader ND Filter and a set of WOC One-Size Lens gears. To win you simply need to follow @wideopencamera on Twitter and post the following in quotes below. “Follow @wideopencamera to win some really cool camera gear....Read More

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