Killer Content Coming Soon! Please Read.


  Here is a screen grab from our shoot in Washington DC. As some of you may already know my mother has been in the hospital for the past week. She has regained consciences but is still in the ICU. She had a bad reaction to some medication and her salt levels dropped dangerously low. They are slowly coming back up and things are looking better. As you may also know I have been...Read More

Used Gear Sale To Support Our Kickstarter Project.


We are selling off some gear to help support our Kickstarter project “The Board Of Education”. Please help spread the word about our film. Thanks!   Litepanels Micro Pro LED Light $125.00 7/10 Condition. Litepanels Micro Pro Hybrid With Sync Flash Input. No Dimmer Knob. $135.00       SOLD! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!   ikan 312 Bi-Color LED Light. 9/10 Condition. Light Only. $225.00 ikan 312 Bi-Color LED Light. 9/10 Condition. Light Only....Read More

IndiPro Tools 5″ HDMI Monitor. $300


Read More

The Story Unfolds. Canon’s Golden Ticket.


I finally got my dirty little hands on the email invitation from Canon for the November 3rd announcement. This invite is only good for the 4th and 5th. I have been trying to get one of these since the first announcement and it was under my nose this entire time! I have not been able to gather any new information about the possible cameras that will be announced that day. I have heard that...Read More

Canon 1D X: What the compression?


Hooray! Canon has dropped a next generation DSLR on us and we couldn’t be more disappointed? Wait a minute what? Ok, ok, so maybe it is not what any of us had expected but it does show where they’re thinking about what DSLRs mean to Canon. The newly announced 1D X offers the next generation of EOS movie mode. This of course is expected. Although, many us us are scratching our head to what...Read More

Why Not To Get The Canon 1DX For Video.


Today Canon announced the new Canon 1DX stills camera. It has a ton of great features for both video and stills, however I do not think this is THE camera for video. Canon has a reputation of releasing pro still cameras first then cheaper models will follow with improved features. This camera retails for $7K US. I suspect we will be able to get a XXXD or TXi in the near future with similar...Read More

Canon Announces The New 1DX Full Frame Camera. Is This The End For Nikon?


Canon just announced the brand spanking new 1DX. The new “flagship” camera from Canon has a ton of great features for both still and video shooters. Most noteably are 12fps continuous, dual Digic 5+ sensors, ISO 100-51,200, 30 minute video clips, timecode and improved audio. Canon has also added a new and improved “All-I and IPB compression. This looks to be one bad ass HDSLR.  The folks over at Canon are obviously listening, while...Read More

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