Tweet To Win Industry Tape. Zero Residue Gaff Tape.


Industry Tape is a brand new type of tape that was designed specifically for the motion picture industry. The kind folks over at Industry Tape have agreed to let us give away a few rolls of their killer “Zero Residue” Gaff tape to four lucky Twitter followers. We will be giving away five rolls of 2″ Gaffers Tape. 2-Black, 2-White and 1- Signature Green. To enter simply follow Industry Tape on twitter and tweet...Read More

Switronix TorchLED Bolt Bi-Color Light. Quick Take.


Here is a Quick Take on the new TorchLED Bolt Bi-Color light from Switronix. It packs a serious 200 Watt punch and let’s you dial in the color temperature. A gel frame with one diffusion filter and a P-Tap power cable are included. Switronix claims that it will throw the light from 40-50 feet! The Switronix TorchLED Bolt is around four hundred smackers. Here is a link to the Press Release. Here is a...Read More



Quite possibly the cheesiest, worst post I’ve ever written but all in the cause of showing you a little bit of where I’ve been the last month. I reckon there’s probably very few people in the world right now who’ve done the range of mad things we’ve done with the Sony FS100 in the last few weeks. Mountains, caves, volcanoes, beaches, boats, dancers, beds, kitchens, helicopters and rednecks. It’s been nuts. So here are...Read More

Apple iPhone 4S Announced. 1080P HD Video With Image Stabilization!


  Mac Rumors is reporting a leak from Apple’s Japanese website that we will get a new Apple iPhone 4s rather than the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5. The form factor looks to be the same as the current iPhone model. Stay tuned for more info from Mac Rumors. The highlight for iPhone4S camera users would be a backlit sensor 8MP stills camera and new AE and AF capability. Faster shutter speed at 1.1...Read More

More Rumors About Canon Super 35 Video Camera. *Update* 3 Cameras.


Today Canon Rumors announced that there may be three new lenses to go along with the new video camera announcement from Canon on November 3rd, here in Hollywood. I would guess that Canon may want to compete directly with Sony on this one and we could see 35mm, 50mm and 85mm PL mount glass. I have yet to see a copy of the Paramount Studios location email. CR is also reporting that the new...Read More

TBOE Update #1. Roll Call. Thanks For All The Support!


We are so fortunate to have so many people supporting our film on Kickstarter. It has been a very good week for us. We have raised over ten percent of our goal and are on track to make our funding goal of 33K. We have secured some key interviews with people that are at  the forefront of this debate. We will be heading down to Texas to interview Jimmy Dunne, the founder of No...Read More

Switronix Recon HDMI-HD/SDI Wireless Transmitter.


Here is a Quick Take on the yet to be released Switronix Recon HD wireless transmitter. It has HDMI input and both HDMI and HD/SDI output. It will convert the HDMI signal into HD/SDI for better connectivity. This is a great feature built right into the transmitter! The Transmitter unit has one HDMI input and one HDMI output. The Receiver unit has Both HDMI and HD/SDI output. The model we tested was a prototype...Read More

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