Crowdfunding, if you didn’t know, is the art of gathering large numbers of micro-payments to fund a project. It can apply to anything. Charities are crowd-funded. Televised telethons, same thing. In the UK the BBC is crowdfunded by the taxpayer through the TV license. In recent years websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have popularised the method in the filmmaking community. I’ve successfully crowdfunded a production, Jared is in the middle of a campaign as...Read More

Crossing The 180 With Ron Dawson. Thanks For the Interview!


I hit up Ron Dawson of Crossing The 180 via Twitter to help out our film by letting me be on his show. He was kind enough to let me do it. It was great getting the chance to do an audio only interview. I was able to chill out and discuss anything he wanted. We delved into the past looked at the present and peeked at the future. Here is the interview. I...Read More

How To Pack Your Video Gear For Travel On The Cheap.


We will be traveling across the country in the next few months gathering interviews for our Documentary, The Board Of Education. We are traveling very light with only a two man crew yet weilding three cameras. Here is our travel plan to get the gear there. Using it on set is a whole other scenario. For this excercise we need to get the stuff there cheap. Airlines are charging up to an additional $100...Read More

Update #2 The Board Of Education Kickstarts To Texas. Roll Call.


Here is our second update for our Kickstarter campaign. We are headed to Texas to interview Dr. George Holden at SMU in Dallas. Then we swing down to Houston to hit up P.O.P.S founder Jimmy Dunne. We will also try and snag interviews with a few local teachers and two state Representatives. We had not planned to start principal photography until mid November when our campaign funds, however the introduction of Rep Carolyn McCarthy...Read More

Canon Super 35 Video Camera. Rumor Update.


*Update* Our good friend and alli VisionWrangler reminded us of this video of old with Tim Smith from Canon U.S.A. Here he describes a camera we may very well see this November. Thanks for pointing this one out VW! There is some key information here that could relate to the November 3rd, 2011 announcement. The PL mount zooms will handle “4K resolution” and are “Future Proof” according to the Canon rep. I have also...Read More

Tweet To Win Industry Tape. Zero Residue Gaff Tape.


Industry Tape is a brand new type of tape that was designed specifically for the motion picture industry. The kind folks over at Industry Tape have agreed to let us give away a few rolls of their killer “Zero Residue” Gaff tape to four lucky Twitter followers. We will be giving away five rolls of 2″ Gaffers Tape. 2-Black, 2-White and 1- Signature Green. To enter simply follow Industry Tape on twitter and tweet...Read More

Switronix TorchLED Bolt Bi-Color Light. Quick Take.


Here is a Quick Take on the new TorchLED Bolt Bi-Color light from Switronix. It packs a serious 200 Watt punch and let’s you dial in the color temperature. A gel frame with one diffusion filter and a P-Tap power cable are included. Switronix claims that it will throw the light from 40-50 feet! The Switronix TorchLED Bolt is around four hundred smackers. Here is a link to the Press Release. Here is a...Read More

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