12 Essential Set Etiquette Tips. Mastering Film.


  A good film set is like a well-oiled machine. All of the parts must work together for everything to go properly. Set procedure and etiquette are very important components in keeping the train moving. Here are a few tips that I have picked up along the way. These are primarily geared towards the camera department; however, they should work well for other departments as well. Here is one. The rest can be found...Read More

Sony Nex5N First Thoughts. It’s A Toy.


We have been re-tooling our camera systems here at Wide Open Camera the past two months over to mostly Sony cameras. We have the F3, just ordered the FS100 and got the Nex5N yesterday. My first impressions of the Sony Nex5N are not the best. It seems very delicate. There is no real Hot Shoe mount and it has the most annoying interface with “Happy Time” icons. The flip out screen looks like it...Read More



I often write tongue in cheek posts on here, not taking things too seriously. But this piece is an exception. Work. What’s that all about then? Following this community for the last two years I’ve been struck by how polar it is. There’s the so-called pros who earn a living from cameras or production in some form and there’s the humble hobbyists, their eyes opened to the possibilities of this fun new world and...Read More

Kickstarter Day Three. Oh, What A Feeling!


I have to admit that I am very impressed with how quickly Kickstarter has responded to “The Board Of Education Doc” application. I have received daily updates from them and really “feel” like they care about this project. I might just be naïve but they have done a great job here and I am happy to announce that…. We are in! Now, visualize me jumping up and down. I am very excited to get this...Read More

Basic Data Management With Evan Luzi From The Black & Blue.


I picked this up via Visionwrangler on Twitter. This is a very basic data management video from Even Luzi of  The Black and Blue website. There is a ton of good info here. I try my best to stay away from this position but like Evan says ” but every once in awhile a job comes up that, you know, the price is right, the hours are right, so I go ahead and take...Read More

Kickstarter Day Two. The Reward System.


Kickstarter has been very quick to respond to “The Board Of Education Doc” application. We are now talking about the possible “Rewards”. Here is the response from them. Kickstarter Staff commented on your Kickstarter submission: Great, Jared. Thanks for elaborating on the details of the project and your veteran experience in the field. The only thing that’s left to discuss briefly is rewards. A series of creative and engaging backer rewards is essential. Your...Read More

Kickstarter Responds. It Begins. The Board Of Education Doc.


I have been working on this little documentary for quite some time.  Now, I have to produce some real results and quite frankly, I’m not scared one bit. I have this film mapped out in such a way that almost anyone can visualize it. Talking heads from different parts of the country, explaining both sides of a topical issue. It almost sounds like a sixty minutes piece. Not an entire documentary. Well, I have...Read More

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