Go Ahead, Steal My Idea. I Dare You!


This will be the first of many articles on the process of getting a film made. I have been working very hard for the past two years and this will be the culmination of all that effort. Today I registered the treatment for “The Board Of Education” a feature legnth documentary about corporal punishment in the US public school system. This film hits very close to home. Pun, intended.  I went to a school...Read More

Kick Start This Brother’s Ass Into Production: Man-child.


Ryan B. Koo of No Film is getting his feature film groove on with a kick starter campaign. This looks like it is going to be one kick ass film. He could use the pennies you may find in a jacket pocket or under your couch cushions. Please take a minute and look for a few coins to throw this brothers way. Kick Starter is a great way to get the independent funding...Read More

Shooting in Senegal (Part 2): Getting Acclimated


By: Chris Collins I had my work cut out for me before departing for Senegal. Investigating the safety of the places I would be shooting was my first priority, but that was quickly overshadowed by rental lists, carnets, pickups, packing, finding a B camera op, etc. As with any shoot, I was hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Upon our arrival in Dakar International Airport my stress level was balanced by...Read More

5DtoRGB Update v1.53


Thanks to all for the support from the first article about this software. In this update I’ll show you what has changed and how the Technicolor LUT is applied. Does it matter if you bake it in with 5DtoRGB or use it in an editor? Check out the video above to find out. Cheers!Read More

Get Lit: Super Easy 3-Point Lighting


By: Chris Collins No need to complicate this one… I needed to isolate a conductor against a black backdrop. It’s a commercial so it needs to look clean, but it needs a little more of a kick to sell stage presence. A piece of duvatyne, a chinaball, and two Ikan 312 LED lights was all we needed. The only concern was separating the conductor’s navy blue blazer from the black backdrop, but that separation...Read More

An Open Letter To Canon By Doug Bayne.


I picked this up today via Vincent Laforet on Twitter. It has been out for some time. Doug Bayne killed it. I thought it would be good for a little weekend chuckle. Sometimes the truth is so funny, it hurts. Thanks to Doug for posting this video.Read More

It came from somewhere


This week I had some off time so I decided to do some very non-fun things. House cleaning. Yeah sometimes you have to do that if you want to be considered a functioning member of society. So after going through some storage boxes I discovered an old camera of my Dad’s that I didn’t know I had. It is a Bell & Howell T20 XL 8mm camera. You can read more about it with...Read More

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