Wide Open Camera Adjustable Lens Gear.


Here is a Quick Take on the brand spanking new Wide Open Camera adjustable lens gear. We worked directly with Sam Morgan Moore of Half Inch Rails to develop the 11 1/4″ X 1/2″ adjustable lens gear. This will make a great addition to any camera kit and will fit most still lenses on the market. It is standard film gear pitch and will work with most follow focus systems. The new WOC lens...Read More

Shooting in Senegal (Part 1): Talent Comes First

Cameras / Chris Collins / Production

By Chris Collins: I came up in a film school where the DP was God. We would basically spend hours on one lighting setup for a 3 second shot. It’s a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t work with regards to lighting and frame, but I missed the most important aspect of camera department… you are the rock! Here in Mbour, Senegal we are working with local non-actors. When my B...Read More

How to Use Google+ Circles and Why You Should Even Care


There’s been a lot of confusion about Google+ and how to manage your Circles… or even what they hell they are. I’ll go over what Circles are and aren’t… and how I use them to manage my Google+ contacts and information. Google+ is different from Twitter and Facebook both in the way you obtain and distribute information. In Twitter you can follow people to see their updates, they don’t have to follow you back....Read More



UPDATED: There used to be a photograph from Alex MacNaughton here. He’s a photographer I admire enormously and it’s a blinding photo. I’d violated copyright by sticking it on the site and that was dumb, but it’s still a great photo and if you want to see it then please go here. Alex got in touch to chastise me for self-aggrandisement. Good for him. Think about what we do for a second. We...Read More

The Booth At The End. Web Series Premiere.


Hulu Link Here Not sure if it will play on mobile phones. I was lucky enough to be a part of this killer web series directed by: Jessica Landaw. The Booth At The End is a series of very short vignettes that take place at a diner somewhere at the edge of someplace. Chris Kubasik penned this haunting tale of characters and circumstances. The DOP: Mariana Sánchez de Antuñano asked me to camera operate and supply...Read More

New LCW USB Follow Focus Controller For Canon Cameras. $460 US.


Light Craft Workshop has released a new USB controller for Canon cameras. There is no info on their site that I can find just yet. This is from the press release. It has a ton of features. I should have one in my hands to test by the end of this week. It looks very similar to the OKII USB follow focus. Let’s hope the build quality is better. The “Helmsman” will set you...Read More

How Much To Charge For Camera Work. What’s Your Day Rate?


I tried to find one of my old Local 600 rate cards for this article, I also looked for one on the web. No luck. A “Rate Card” breaks down all of the current rates that correspond to each position in the camera department based on the contracts with the various Producers guilds and motion picture studios.  Think of it as the “Suggested Retail Price”.  Rates have not changed dramatically since I left the...Read More

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