Phil Bloom’s been doing an excellent series of posts looking at the value of the package filmmaker in these post DSLR times. I’ve also noticed an absurdly competitive market springing up as young ‘DOP’s have discovered entrepreneurial streaks, writing blogs, selling their services ludicrously cheap and ripping the arse out of the market. This was inevitable of course and moaning about it isn’t going to do anything. If you’re new to the industry you’re...Read More

Greyson Chance Yamaha Photo Shoot BTS.


I got called in to cover for Ben James to shoot BTS for a still shoot for the Yamaha All Access 360 magazine and website. I think I got the call on a Saturday or Sunday for a Monday shoot. Ben usually spins two cameras and records audio. The rate was good and I asked if it was cool if I split my rate and brought along another camera operator. I would rather have...Read More

In case you missed it: 5DtoRGB v1.5 [UPDATED]


**UPDATE 8-15-11** You must thank the power of social media and its reach to your audience. Less than 48 hours after I posted this video, Thomas from Rarevision contacted me about the gamma shift problem in the last release. He was proud to announce that the new version has been made available to download with the problem fixed in this version. Check it out I believe it was about a year ago when the...Read More

First Look: Hurlbut Visuals DSLR Cinema Rentals.


We got to spend a little time with Shane Hurlbut at his new rental house in LA. I came up through the rental house system and believe whole heartedly that it is critical to use a rental house as part of your support system. It kills me to see so many people investing in very expensive systems, that may be outdated in the matter of months, not years. Hurlbut Visuals has everything you could...Read More



  Killa Kela is a London beatboxer renowned the world over for his ability to create an entire band just with his mouth. Kela approached me a month or so ago to talk about a viral idea he had and we got along so well I agreed to come along and document the beatbox bar crawl he was planning with French beatboxer Eklips. I don’t normally do this kind of work anymore, kind of...Read More

First Look: LCW Helmsman USB Follow Focus For Canon DSLR Cameras.


Here is a BTS Quick Take on the new Helmsman USB Follow Focus from Light Craft Workshop. It worked with our Tokina 28-80mm f2.8 Zoom and should work with most Canon EF mount AF lenses. It is not the smoothest operator on the block but I suspect that it will react differently for each lens depending on the lenses AF capability, focus throw, etc. It has a remote start/stop button and lets you use...Read More

First Look At The JAG35 Camera Slider.


  Here are a few stills of the brand new slider from JAG35. The system is based around a ball bearing camera plate that rides on two 15mm rails. It is very smooth and looks to be a great addition to the smaller camera slider options in the sub-$500 catageory. The unit I have is a prototype and we may see more improvements when it finally makes it to the street. I will have...Read More

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