Think about this: everyone and his dog can now afford a 35mm look camera. What’s more, everyone is now editing. Many have a photoshop background so I tend to see a lot of wonderfully massaged footage, but really we’re now spoilt for editors. While many edit their own material I suspect very few would put their hands up to go and cut for a demanding corporate client. Particularly when it comes to what we...Read More

Quick Take Review: Cineroid, SmallHD and Zacuto EVF Systems.


Here is a Quick Take Review of all of the HDMI EVF’s (Electronic View Finders) currently on the market as of Summer, 2011. We tested the Cineroid EVF, the SmallHD DP4 EVF and the Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Flip. I would liken an EVF system to a ladder. It let’s me get where I need to be, to do my job. I am not very concerned with all of the added features. I only want...Read More

Cineroid, SmallHD and Zacuto EVF Review Promo Thing.


  Here is a Quick Take BTS of our EVF Review. I threw this up to show them all side by side. My first thoughts are this: The SmallHD DP4 is an on-camera monitor at heart and an EVF second. The Zacuto has it’s roots as an EVF first and a small on-camera monitor second. The Cineroid is just an EVF. We have all of the HDMI EVF’s currently on the market and will...Read More

Quick Take: SmallHD DP4 EVF.


Here was the intended “Quick Take” on the SmallHD DP4 EVF. I started doing these Quick Take videos to give my viewers a hands on look at some of the newer products on the market. They are only intended to show not so much to tell. I would hope that you will do your own research and find what works best for your specific needs. However this EVF thing has evolved into a much...Read More

Switronix Announces New P-Tap Battery Adapter For Panasonic GH2 Camera.


Switronix announced a new power cable for the Panasonic GH2. The XP-DSLR-GH2 adapter cable enables the use of P-Tap batteries with the GH2 camera. Finally a solution to the short battery life that is inherent with the smaller GH2 camera. There was no mention of price just yet. Here is the press release from Swtronix. (July 27, 2011) – Long Island, NY – Announcing the XP-DSLR-GH2, the newest addition the Switronix’s line of versatile...Read More



If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been keeping nicely up to speed with all the various developments in new large sensor cameras trying to gauge which one to plump for next. After all, DSLRs are a long way from perfect and it’d be nice to have a proper video camera after all. Or would it? Sadly the whole damn situation is desperately complicated and it’s actually not at all obvious which of the...Read More

New Half Inch Rails Car Mount System.


HalfInchRails Car Mount from Sam Morgan Moore on Vimeo. Sam Morgan Moore put together this little video showing off his brand new car mount rig. The system is based around three suction cups and half inch rods and gobo heads. The three point system works best for car rigging and this looks to be one solid system. Sam also rigged a monitor and OKII remote follow focus system. There was no mention of price...Read More

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