New LCW USB Follow Focus Controller For Canon Cameras. $460 US.


Light Craft Workshop has released a new USB controller for Canon cameras. There is no info on their site that I can find just yet. This is from the press release. It has a ton of features. I should have one in my hands to test by the end of this week. It looks very similar to the OKII USB follow focus. Let’s hope the build quality is better. The “Helmsman” will set you...Read More

How Much To Charge For Camera Work. What’s Your Day Rate?


I tried to find one of my old Local 600 rate cards for this article, I also looked for one on the web. No luck. A “Rate Card” breaks down all of the current rates that correspond to each position in the camera department based on the contracts with the various Producers guilds and motion picture studios.  Think of it as the “Suggested Retail Price”.  Rates have not changed dramatically since I left the...Read More

Lucky 13 Apparel Promo. Get More Clients.


Here is a little promo video we shot for Lucky 13 Apparel. I contacted them at random because I liked their clothing. I sent them a link to our work and asked if they needed any video content. After a few emails we came to a ballpark price agreement. We have used this formula for a few other shoots and it seems to work well as a short promotional piece for almost any business...Read More

Tony Reale From Next Wave DV Interview At Cine Gear Expo 2011.


Tony Reale from Next Wave DV hit me up while we were jamming around the show. It’s always funny to see myself on the other side of the fence. We here at Wide Open Camera are dedicated to helping indie filmmakers any way we can. The notion of sharing information in the film industry is quite new. In this spirit we are more than happy to share our experiences with our viewers. We are...Read More

Wide Open Camera Prep For Africa Shoot.


Chris Collins will be shooting his first feature film in Africa this Summer. We have been working with a few great companies to get all the gear required for such a massive shoot. We were fortunate enough to get Lenses from Zeiss, an XF105 from Canon, a slider from Kessler Crane, batteries from Switronix, support gear from Zacuto, tripods from Manfrotto, monitors from Marshall Electronics, LED lights and backpacks from ikan and everything else...Read More

Hootenanny 2011. FCPX Film Grain Look. Happy 4th Of July!


Here is a glimpse of the Hootenanny 2001 Festival. This is just a quick mash up of many of the sights and sounds of the event. The Hootenanny is American as apple pie. The music is by: Powerflex 5. I wanted to thank Lucky 13 Apparel for hooking us up with the show. I also want to thank Misa Garcia and Saul Garcia for helping out. I’ll get the narrative version up soon.  I decided...Read More

How to: Final Cut Pro 7 to After Effects CS5 for grading


This is my first try at a live demo showing how you can move your sequence from Final Cut Pro 7 to After Effects CS5. Also I will show you my workflow for grading my upcoming short feature “The 90 Minute Lunch”. I have been teaching myself AE as I go. So enjoy and please leave comments for critique for the next one.Read More

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