Babes And Betty’s Burlesque Show Shot With A Panasonic GH2.


We have been working with Misa Garcia for over a year on these great burlesque shows that he puts on under The Whistle Bait moniker. The bar where a lot of these events take place has changed ownership and this was our last shoot there. We typically shoot a few interviews prior to the live shows. I wanted to test out the Panasonic GH2 and the Lumix 7-14mm f4 lens under low light conditions...Read More

Getting away with it


Sometimes there’s a budget, and sometimes there’s not. I don’t mean, “there’s no budget. We only have like $20,000 to spend” no budget. I mean, no budget. But sometimes you have an idea that you dig so much you just have to see it get made, and budget or not, you go for it. I used to do this with short films. Problem is, with a short it means putting in all this time...Read More

Tweet To Win “DSLR Cinema” By: Kurt Lancaster.


It has been a little while since we gave something away and Kurt Lancaster’s book “DSLR Cinema, Crafting the Film Look with Video” is just the ticket. This is a fantastic resource for anyone just getting into the DSLR game. It has tons of information on using these cameras for the good of film kind. Kurt does a great job of breaking down everything from equipment to technique.  Here is a rip from the...Read More

Chevy Volt: First Shoot Using Filmgear Lights


Director Ilya Polyakov and I embarked on a journey to make the best Chevy Volt spot EVER! Actually, we were asked to shoot some footage for a stock photography company making its way into motion, and we decided to turn it into a commercial. With a very small budget, I asked my friends at Birns and Sawyer what they could do for me with regards to lights. Thankfully, they had a cost effective solution....Read More

The Best HDMI To HDMI Mini Cable Ever!


If you have ever had to deal with using the HDMI out on a DSLR or any other camera system, then you know what a fickle connection it can be. HDMI cables are considered consumer cables and really do not belong on film sets. They have no locking system and tend to break very easily. Zacuto has one of the best solutions I have ever seen for this problem. Their 18″ right angle adjustable...Read More

Zeiss CP.2 Lens Mount Change From PL To Canon EF.


Scott Selenak from Birns & Sawyer, Hollywood shows how to quickly change a Zeiss CP.2 lens mount from PL to Canon EF. It’s as easy as removing a few torx screws with the supplied torx driver and checking the back focus with either a camera or a collimator. The entire process only takes a few minutes. We do not recommend trying this in the field unless you have a clean working environment. The camera...Read More



Apparently some well-known software company launched a new product this week. Some people got annoyed. Others loved it. Twitter went nuts. In fact, most people went nuts, impulsively declaring they were jumping ship to Premiere, boom, that’s it, Edit Apocalypse. Oh dear. There’s been plenty of blogs written about FCPX and plenty of debate. Personally, I haven’t bothered downloading it, and I won’t be even considering it for a good long while yet. First...Read More

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