Zeiss CP.2 Lens Mount Change From PL To Canon EF.


Scott Selenak from Birns & Sawyer, Hollywood shows how to quickly change a Zeiss CP.2 lens mount from PL to Canon EF. It’s as easy as removing a few torx screws with the supplied torx driver and checking the back focus with either a camera or a collimator. The entire process only takes a few minutes. We do not recommend trying this in the field unless you have a clean working environment. The camera...Read More



Apparently some well-known software company launched a new product this week. Some people got annoyed. Others loved it. Twitter went nuts. In fact, most people went nuts, impulsively declaring they were jumping ship to Premiere, boom, that’s it, Edit Apocalypse. Oh dear. There’s been plenty of blogs written about FCPX and plenty of debate. Personally, I haven’t bothered downloading it, and I won’t be even considering it for a good long while yet. First...Read More

FCPX First Look. Beetle Spec Spot. Screen Grabs And More.


Here is a very down and dirty edit of a Beetle Spec Spot we shot in San Francisco a little while back. I was lucky enough to get up early and download the new FCPX from the Mac App Store. FCPX is one bad ass editing tool. It feels similar to iMovie and is very similar in appearance. I was jamming to get this edit out and snagged a few screen grabs during the...Read More

Quick Take: Sachtler Cine-DSLR Tripod System.


Here is a Quick Take on the new Sachtler Cine-DSLR fluid head tripod and carbon fiber speed lock tripod. This is one of the best systems that you can get for DSLR video work. The ridiculously long quick release plate has a front and back lip that will prevent the camera from shifting. This also makes it easy to balance front heavy cameras like DSLR’s. It will handle anywhere from 2-11 lbs. The Cine-DSLR...Read More

Visual Authors


As a cinematographer you are handed an idea that are words on a page and asked to adapt them to moving images of color, contrast, and exposure.Read More

Someday Hero: A Short Movie By Darcy Fray.


Someday Hero from iamthinker on Vimeo. I was fortunate enough to be the Director of Photography on this short movie Directed by Darcy Fray. I was approached by Darcy with the script for Someday Hero. The story hit vey close to home for me personally. I was hooked instantly. The entire camera budget was very small and I had to pull a few favors to make it all work. It was well worth it....Read More



Filmmakers, eh? They’re everywhere now. Own a smartphone? Congratulations, you’re a filmmaker. DSLR, pah, I’ve got an FS100, no wait, I’ve got an EPIC, yeah, I’m a filmmaker and I love it. But who’s making anything good, regularly, doing more than pointing a camera and shooting pretty pictures? We’re drowning in mediocre filmmaking and the DSLR revolution has given it a voice and community to pamper itself in. Don’t get me wrong here, DSLRs...Read More

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