Wide Open Camera Studio BTS.


Here is a BTS video of our new little studio setup where we shoot most of the Quick Take Videos. We finally got the place cleaned up and plan to knock out tons of content this year. We have been using the Panasonic GH2 and Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f0.95 to shoot most of the QT videos. It’s supported by a Manfrotto 504 HDV head and Carbon Fiber sticks. A big Thank You to Silverlake...Read More

Redrock Micro Announces Release Date For Micro Remote Follow Focus System.


The Redrock Micro Micro Remote Follow Focus System will start shipping June 15th, 2011. The Micro Remote was announced some time ago. Now we finally have a concrete ship date for part of the system. the Micro Remote thumb wheel control and main control unit will be available as early as this week. This looks like a great way to pull focus in hand held mode. The wireless remote controller will be available by...Read More

Get Pimped 2: Casting


Last time on Get Pimped I talked to actor Henry Maynard about how we as filmmakers could work better with actors. This week I continue by talking to casting director Leoni Kibbey about her role in production. I never used to bother with casting directors but these days I won’t contemplate a project without one. Just way too useful. There’s a maxim that directing is 80% casting, and it baffles me that it’s often...Read More

Cine Gear 2011 Dennis Wood of Cinevate


Dennis Wood from Cinevate shows off the brand new Motion Control Slider and Wireless Follow Focus Controller. This simple system can work with many options. The unit can work to pull focus, zoom and control the belt drive system shown here. The entire set up (With Out Slider) has at a target price of $700. Check it out. www.cinevate.comRead More

Cine Gear 2011 Greg Salman of Polecam


Polecam has been around for a bit. But with the popularity of using HDSLRs in production they have been developing some cool solutions to integrate with their existing equipment. Their new remote head can handle a load of up to 8lbs. So flying a 5D remotely with a nice wide prime is now easier to accomplish. Check it out. www.polecam.comRead More

Cine Gear 2011 Jon Miller of Hive Lighting


This is a really cool alternative to HMI lighting fixtures. Using plasma technology these lights consume a lower power load giving you the ability to use household circuits. Also this type of lighting lasts longer than tradition HMI bulbs. Check out Jared getting the specs of this cool system from Hive Lighting.Read More

Cine Gear 2011 Shane Hurlbut ASC of Hurlbut Visuals


Jared meets up with Shane to talk about his new DSLR Cinema rental division and the state of the DSLR revolution. Check out what Shane says.Read More

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