Cine Gear Expo June 3-4, 2011.


Cine Gear Expo will be held at the Paramount back lot June 3rd -4th, 2011 and is sure to be one of the best Expos of the year. This is a great place to check out some of the new motion picture equipment that will help further our craft. It is also a fantastic way to rub elbows with some of the creative minds of motion picture production. Wide Open Camera will be there...Read More

How to Pay Your Crew


One of my favorite parts of producing is getting to pay my crew. The film business is, after all, just that--a business--and being able to help people pay their bills feels pretty good. Unfortunately, since we so often time live in the independent world of spec ads, passion projects, and favors, payment does not happen every day. But we're not going to focus on those projects! Today I'd like to share some of my...Read More

Quicktake – Mini Cardellini to 1/4-20 Ballmount Adapter


By: Chris Collins As a one-man-band DP or camera assistant it is extremely important to be ready for anything. A director may ask to place the camera in an odd overhead shot or you may need to rig a small LED light where the stand would be in frame. This cardellini-ballmount adapter will allow you to rig anything with a 1/4-20 thread (monitors, small lights, cameras) onto virtually anything. I have used this cardellini...Read More

Field of Gold: Grow as you Go


By: Chris Collins Passion projects… they’re demanding, they don’t pay well, they go on forever, and they yield the greatest rewards a filmmaker can reap. Perhaps the most demanding type of passion project is the feature documentary. Mike Sullivan a.k.a. Sully and Hugh Lawson just began post-production on theirs entitled Field of Gold. They literally did everything themselves as a two-man-band. They invested in a little bit of gear and built up their package...Read More



In this column I’ve been trying to break away a little bit from the DSLR thing and focus more on filmmaking as a whole. As a director I really believe you can never know too much about all aspects of filmmaking. I admire guys like Fincher and Cameron who are famous for being even more knowledgeable about departments as they’re HODs. You need strong collaborators of course and your ability to communicate with them...Read More



A few weeks back I went to the screening of Zacuto’s huge Single Chip Camera Shootout in London, hosted by Phil Bloom. After the screening Phil kept us in the theatre to ask what we’d taken from what we’d seen. The Sony F3 came out as the surprise package, quickly followed by the Phantom which performed extraordinarily well. What was surprising was how beat up and crap film looked in comparison to all the...Read More



I know that, especially in this community, the world of production seems to be moving more and more to the one-man-show approach. And yes, sometimes it's nice to keep the proverbial dicks out of the soup, but as a director I really value having my people around me. Read More

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