Tweet to Win 3-Stop Polarizer from WOC!


We're doing another filter giveaway! We will be giving it away to a lucky Twitter follower. To win this WOC & LCW 77mm 3-Stop Polarizer filter all you have to do is tweet the following in quotes below. "Follow @wideopencamera to win a 77mm 3-Stop Polarizer. Please RT. Thanks! "Read More

The Dead Line


How do you call something picture-locked that you've been working on for two months? As a creator, when do you call something finished? Read More

A Year in the Water [DEMO REEL]


It's not a secret. I know that I am young to the game but I feel that I've had the best chance possible to make it in this tumultuous business. I went the film school route. Learning from working pros with titles like SOC and A.S.C. behind their name...Read More

The Ladder: Hollywood’s Chain of Command


By: Chris Collins I came to Los Angeles with dreams of filming big names like Johnny Depp and Hugh Hefner. I wanted to see my cinematographer heroes like Roger Deakins and Chivo Lubeski. I was gonna make it! I’d get an internship in a camera rental house and learn everything about every camera. I’d get a job as an AC, and I’d be able to fix anything that went wrong. If the camera went...Read More



As you probably know by now, I’m a limey Brit scumbag, delivering my posts from across the Atlantic and occasionally the odd bit of slang slips in from these fair shores. We Brits seem to have a capacity for linguistic creativity that puts other anglophone nations to shame. We did invent if after all. If you really want to know what creativity is put down your DSLR and come hang out in South East...Read More



Thought for the day: if it’s not in focus, it’s shit. Well, we have DSLRs to thank for removing the validity of this statement. Never has the cause of great lensmakers like Zeiss (the sharper the lens the more we’re prepared to pay for it) been so undermined by a vein of filmmaking in which what’s out of focus is almost of greater value than what’s in focus. Bokeh bokeh. Bollocks. This whole issue...Read More

In case you missed it


Are you an editor on a Final Cut Pro workflow? Do you handle a lot of HDSLR footage? Then the new Canon E1 EOS Log & Transfer plug-in should be your new best friend. Read More

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