AUDI Spec Commercial Spot

Just the Cut

I had a friend call me up and ask if he could hire me out for a night and shoot with my FilmTools car mount rig. He then mentioned that the star car would be a brand spanking new 2011 Audi A3 S Line. Needless to say I cleared my schedule for the night. We started shooting around 9pm and shot well into the early morning.Read More



A little while back I wrote about the opportunity presented by 48 hour film challenges, and I was just about to embark on probably the largest one in Europe, at least in terms of the numbers who entered and the prize on offer. Vertigo films are a leading production company in the UK and the prize they’d offered was a development deal for the winning film. That’s not a deal to produce obviously, but...Read More

This Is Us: A Film in Africa (Stage 1)


  ***The above video was shot by the children we are going to work with By: Chris Collins One day out of the blue I received a phone call from an old high school friend.  He had seen me in one of the videos Jared and I had shot for Cinema 5d, and he had questions about which camera to buy for a trip he was taking to Senegal, West Africa.  I couldn’t help...Read More



I have @jonrawlinson to thank for spotting this one, it’s a statement that so clearly articulates the struggle of being a creative and it’s even more appropriate these days when there are appear to be so many filmmakers happy to settle for the mediocre. I see a lot of copycat filmmaking and I see a lot of copycat filmmakers being lauded for average work. It bugs the hell out of me. I always advise...Read More

“It’s a Rental” – A Production Experiment


Last week, Jared posted about the new Zacuto Scorpion rig. To give ourselves something fun to shoot for the demo that night, we put together this little short film, in the course of a day.Read More

Quick Take: Sandy Puc’ Video Tour.


Here is a little Quick Take with Sandy Puc’. Today is the first day of the Sandy Puc’ Video tour. We are in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. This is going to be one badass roadshow. We are all very excited to get out there and meet all of you in the fourteen cities we will hit this month. Sandy is one of the most passionate people about photography I have ever met. Her...Read More

How to use Adobe’s extra DSLR color info in Avid MC5/FCP


We’ve all heard Shane Hurlbut say how much better 5D color appears when edited in Adobe Premiere CS5. That’s great, but what does that mean for those of us who prefer editing in Avid Media Composer or Final Cut? For the past several months I’ve been having my DIT transcode media on set to Avid’s intermediate file type DNxHD 175x using Adobe Media Encoder CS5. Before I get too far I need to point...Read More

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