Zacuto Scorpion Rig BTS On Set. Technicolor Cinestyle Night Test.


We decided to create a little spec commercial to test out the new Zacuto Scorpion rig in the field. We only had it for the weekend and wanted to test it in the field. Technicolor also happened to drop the new Cinestyle Picture Style for the Canon 5D mark II. So we decided to to check it out at night. We also wanted to test out the Filmtools three point car mount. We rented...Read More

When the plan fails


What do you do? Panic? Cry? Point the blame? Of course not. A well prepared filmmaker has a plan for everything. Because we all know that wasted time usually ends up being money lost. I had the opportunity to raise the funds to finish post on a project that I shot late last year, The 90 Minute Lunch. With help from my directing partner Joe Mesiano and producer Andrew Carroll we were locked and...Read More

Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style For Canon HDSLR Cameras.


There has been a bevy of posts about the new Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style for Canon DSLR cameras. It is basically a Flat picture style with a few tweaks here and there. Technicolor claims that it will increase the latitude in the highlights and shadows. This could easily be the best thing for DSLR cameras since the 24P firmware update. However it may turn out to be just another downloadable picture style. The jury...Read More

Zacuto Scorpion Rig Quick Take Review.


Here is the new Scorpion rig from Zacuto. This is the evolution of the DSLR camera rig. The handle is robust, the shoulder pad and counterweight keeps it perfectly balanced. The ball mount joint system really lets you fine tune the position of the front of the camera. This really is one of the best rigs I have seen for DSLR’s. The demo shown in the video is a prototype and may change before...Read More

Calling Indie Producers and Directors


Wide Open Camera is gearing up it’s production arm this summer and we wanted to reach out to any filmmakers out there who may be interested in shooting some spec commercials. For those of you who haven’t heard of this newly emerging but rapidly expanding market, there’s a whole new wave of “crowd-sourced” commercials that have taken the place of what was the traditional advertising model for years. Now, instead of hiring an ad...Read More

Filmtools: Motion Picture Equipment Resource Series.


Here is the first in a series of videos we will be shooting on film resources. I got the idea when we were asked where to get all the cleaning supplies in our “Lens Clean” video. Filmtools is one of the best resources for motion picture equipment in the world. It is one of the few places where you can walk in and grab whatever you like, right off the shelf. The owner Stan...Read More

If It Moves Shoot It Tour With Sandy Puc’ May, 2011.


  It’s almost time for me to hit the road with Sandy Puc’ and finally get out there and meet some of you all. We will be hitting fifteen cities next month. This is going to be one kick ass tour. Sandy has been an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to spend time with her and with all of you. We will start off in Denver on May 10th and end up...Read More

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