NAB 2011-Litepanels New H2 Light 100W Draw With 1K Output!

NAB 2011

Here is the new High Output light from Litepanels. When I first saw a still image of this light I was sure it would be massive. It’s not. It is about the size of a briefcase and packs a serious punch! It is quite heavy at 13lbs but that just makes it one solid piece of kit. The retail price will be around $3500 US . It should be available sometime in the Fall...Read More

NAB 2011-Super Secret Sony PMWF3 Project With Next Level Pictures.

Cameras / NAB 2011

The Wide Open Camera crew decided to get some kick ass helicopter footage from HeliUSA for our intros for NAB 2011. It was only $99 for the ride and it made total sense to send the boys up in the air. Khalid Mohtaseb and Jonathan Bregel from Next Level Pictures got word of this and approached me to help out with a super secret Sony PMWF3 project they were working on with Abel Cine...Read More

NAB 2011 Exclusive Action Crossbow Hand Held Slider Rig.

NAB 2011

Exclusive Look – WideOpenCamera CrossBow Rig from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo. Here is a quick look at the new “Crossbow Evolution” Hand Held Slider Rig. This thing is going to change the game! Check it. Thanks for hooking this up Olivia.Read More

NAB2011 – New Final Cut X debuted

NAB 2011

WOC crew member El Skid tossed us this link to the ever controversial unauthorized video from the Supermeet. Enjoy! credit via/ **Update** 4/15/11 Tej Babra from the Art of the Guillotine gave us the scoop after attending the Supermeet release of Final Cut Pro XRead More

NAB 2011 – Eric Kessler & Kessler Crane

NAB 2011

There is always a time where you know of someone in a particular community. In this case its Eric Kessler. I definitely know his products and what type of camera support they provide filmmakers. But the really cool thing is when you get to shake their hand and say, “Thanks for doing what you do.” Also, its a bonus that Eric is such a great guy. Thanks so much everything you have done for...Read More

NAB 2011 – Jared Abrams & Philip Bloom

NAB 2011

Whew! I thought that the space time continuum would collapse and the world would end. Two big wigs occupying the same space. But nope, we are all still here so, you can check out the NAB perspective of these two great dudes in film. Check out Philip Bloom’s blog here.Read More

NAB 2011 – Ted from RED

NAB 2011

Ok. First the Scarlet does exist. Did I get to touch it? Nope. RED’s booth was huge, portraying as a dimly lit tattoo studio. You could get a tattoo and have people watch you. There were three cameras that I was allowed to see. Two Epics. One with a huge what I assuming was a 300mm Red Pro prime. The other was a medium lens. Not sure of the focal length. And the Scarlet!...Read More

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