Ten years ago a young El Skid was setting out teaching himself how to shoot, direct and edit, using a PD150, a bulbous plastic iMac and zero experience. He learned that letterboxing his footage made it look better, as did deinterlacing it. Using the proc amp filter in FCP1 gave the footage a more contrasty, interesting look. The render times were horrific but the footage was elevated beyond the mundane and that was pretty...Read More

Zacuto EVF Review. Quick Take and BTS On Set.


Here is a Quick Take video on the new Zacuto Electronic View Finder is one of the best I have used and currently kills the competition. The image rivals that of the Canon LCD. The 90 degree HDMI cable is the best on the market. We used it on set and it lasted all day on one Canon LP-E6 battery. We also beat the crap out of the HDMI inputs and could not get...Read More

Sony PMW F3 4:4:4 Modification Sample Footage And BTS. World’s First!


Here is the sample footage from the new Sony PMW F3 with the 4:4:4 modification from Abel Cine. The brothers at Next Level Pictures hit me up for a few pennies and a little help with the people from HeliUSA. We were happy to help out in any way we could. Tyler Ginter put together a very nice BTS video of the boys in action. The S-Log footage adds an entirely new dimension to...Read More

How To Clean Your Lenses: Wide Open Camera Style.


***Note: The Audio Is A Bit Messed Up. It Was Frankie Knuckles First Time And I Think I scared Him. Here is a Quick Take on how to clean your camera lenses the correct way. I shot this in reaction to this video posted here on Light Stalking. There are so many things wrong with that video, I can’t even to begin to waste your time here. This is how we do it in...Read More

NAB 2011- Skid Slays The Atomos Ninja.


I will have to let El Skid write this one up when he’s done lecturing at Oxford but he totally nailed Ian From Atomos. It looks like there will be some doubt about the SSD Drives as they tend to have problems. On the other hand the Atomos Ninja 1o-Bit Pro RES recorder may be one of the coolest things for HDSLR cameras since sliced bread. Click here to check it out.Read More

NAB 2011-Fastec DSLR Sized High Speed Camera For 30K.


I so want to use this camera for the hang gliding movie we are shooting. This is one killer looking camera. There is a 7″ LCD on the back of the camera. It has a built in hard drive and rocks at 720 FPS at 720P! This is going to change the game for real. There was no info on the fastec website just yet. i’ll try to get more info soon. Hit up...Read More

NAB 2011-Litepanels New H2 Light 100W Draw With 1K Output!


Here is the new High Output light from Litepanels. When I first saw a still image of this light I was sure it would be massive. It’s not. It is about the size of a briefcase and packs a serious punch! It is quite heavy at 13lbs but that just makes it one solid piece of kit. The retail price will be around $3500 US . It should be available sometime in the Fall...Read More

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