Why I Shoot. By Robin Schmidt


How many times have you heard ‘I’m not in this for the money?’ – the stock response to why we bust out balls constantly for tiny wages. There are plenty of stock responses to the question of why we shoot and they tend to involve a fairly sugar-coated pick n mix of platitudes about creativity and collaboration. Not me. The reason I shoot? I honestly have no idea. All my life I’ve been successful...Read More

Why I Shoot. By: Ilya Polyakov


Every now and then, it amuses me to break down filmmaking and examine the process from the outside...Read More

Why I Shoot. By: Chris Collins


I can still remember the excitement I felt when I picked up a point and shoot film camera as a toddler. It took a few years before I realized how powerful that camera can be. I shoot because I learn something new every time. The collaborative process of bringing a vision to life is invaluable. My calling happens to be in camera. I love capturing the action, and I love being closest to it....Read More

Why I Shoot. By: Chris Marino


I have always been fascinated with cinema. Growing up I was fortunate to have a father that was more a movie buff than me. I was introduced to classic films very early on. Our VHS player got a lot of action, burning out copies of “The Natural” & “Witness for the Prosecution”. Definitely not your typical titles that you would think a 12 year old would identify with. It wasn’t until I started driving...Read More

Why I Shoot. By: Jared Abrams


Here is a little video I shot of Patti, the camera operator for Heli USA. It was so refreshing to hear a voice that only cared about the task at hand and not the gear to make it possible. It made me think seriously of what drives me to do what I do. I decided to put this to the rest of the Wide Open Camera crew. Why do we make films? Here is...Read More



Ten years ago a young El Skid was setting out teaching himself how to shoot, direct and edit, using a PD150, a bulbous plastic iMac and zero experience. He learned that letterboxing his footage made it look better, as did deinterlacing it. Using the proc amp filter in FCP1 gave the footage a more contrasty, interesting look. The render times were horrific but the footage was elevated beyond the mundane and that was pretty...Read More

Zacuto EVF Review. Quick Take and BTS On Set.


Here is a Quick Take video on the new Zacuto Electronic View Finder is one of the best I have used and currently kills the competition. The image rivals that of the Canon LCD. The 90 degree HDMI cable is the best on the market. We used it on set and it lasted all day on one Canon LP-E6 battery. We also beat the crap out of the HDMI inputs and could not get...Read More

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