Cine Gear 2014 Wrap Up. LED Blankets, GoPro Power And Gimbals Galore.


Cine Gear 2014 always has a ton of great cinema gear. This year we had a few cool new toys like the Source Maker LED blanket lights, Atomos Ninja Star Pro Res Recorder.  Switronix has some killer new GoPro power adapters and it seems that everyone has a brushless gimbal system. Defy had a nice range from around twenty five hundred up to nine grand. Preston Cinema showed off the new Pilot Ranger 2...Read More

Hot Rod Cameras Will Modify Your GoPro To C Mount. Camera Included $900 US.


The good folks over at Hot Rod Cameras are offering a kick ass warranty with the new Back Bone GoPro C Mount Mod for the Hero 3/3+ Cameras. The whole kit will set you back around nine hundred smackers, camera included! A Big THANKS to Kevin Barsky at Hot Rod Cameras for the demo! Check them out at Read More

Switronix Announces New DV-GP3 GoPro Power Adapters.


Switronix has announced a trio of new power adapters for the GoPro Hero line of cameras. They have three connector  options. A Powertap connector, USB and Car Lighter. This should keep these puppies running hot all day. The DV-GP3’s will retail for around $40 US. Here is a rip from the press release. Click here to check it out.  “The new DV-GP3 GoPro Power adapters redefine power for these small POV cameras. The adapters lock...Read More

Panasonic GH4 4K Metabones Speedbooster Test. “Self” Graffitti Artist.


Here is a quick take on the new Panasonic GH4 camera with the Metabones MFT to Nikon Speedboster. We were shooting something for GoPro and brought the GH4 along for a quick test. The Metabones disables the aperture control on the lenses, The Metabones works in the seven position. This left us wide open all the time. It does reduce the crop from 2X to approx 1.3X 1.5X According to Andrew Reid over at...Read More

Check Out The Short Film “Bridgetown” By Director Bryan Tosh.


  Here is a little bit about the film from Director Bryan Tosh. Take a minute and check this out. The brother lays it all out here. Thanks for sharing! Follow Bryan on twitter here . @MrTosh1980 Click here to check it out and support this film. “SHORT FILM BRIDGETOWN IS ALL TOO REAL FOR DIRECTOR With the recent deaths of actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith, the issues of addiction and...Read More

Zeiss Servo Controller For Compact Zoom Lenses. NAB 2014 First Look.


Carl Zeiss Lenses has announced a new servo controller for their zoom lenses. The control unit will work with Iris, Focus and Zoom. No pricing yet, should be available pretty soon. Here is a rip from the post. “Matt Allard talks to Helmut Lenhof about their prototype servo zoom unit for the CZ range. The unit will attach to existing lenses via a unique base plate, and have motors to control zoom, iris...Read More

GoPro Hero 3 Handheld 2-Axis Gimbal Quick Take Video. NAB 2014 Giveaway.


Here is a quick take on the new Feiyu-Tech G3 Handheld 2-Axis Gimbal for the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+. This is a cool way to get into brushless gimbals without breaking your budget. It’s only around $260 and is tons of fun! We will be giving one of these puppies away at NAB 2014. Follow us on Twitter for more info. Link here. @Wide Open Camera For more info, or to nab...Read More

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