NAB 2011 – New Canon PL Mount Cine Zooms


It was nice to see that Canon has stepped up their glass game and introduced two new PL mount zoom lenses. Check out the video for all the info.Read More

Live Broadcast NAB 2011 – Den Lennie & Special Guests


Ok we’re doing it again. Jared will be live streaming from the Teradek booth today with guest Den Lennie of F Stop Academy and other special guests. Check it out. Watch live streaming video from teradek at livestream.comRead More

The Crew’s Opening Night in Vegas – NAB 2011


After a day of coordinating travel, hotel room problems, lost credit cards, and not playing a good hand we decided to mix it up. Filming Vegas at night is amazing. How do you top that? Do it from 800ft! Enjoy. Grab a flight from HeliUSA for only $99. Slammin’ deal.Read More

Live Broadcast NAB2011 – Vincent Laforet Steve Weiss Richard Schleuning


Well, it’s finally here and we could not be more excited to be here for the show. So, first up Jared, Chris and Skid will be holding down the Teradek booth doing a live stream. Check out the latest scoop from some of the heavy hitters of the industry. The stream will be live 10:00A Vegas time. Watch live streaming video from teradek at livestream.comRead More



One of the reasons the DSLR community grew so fast was because there were no rules. There were no instructions in the manual on how to do it all so the community stepped in, the pioneers shared what they learned and quickly a guide for best practice was established. Now there are lots of guides on what to do and what not to do. I really hate that. I try and follow as much...Read More

Chris Collins Cinematography Reel


Chris Collins is a cinematographer from New Jersey transplanted in Los Angeles. He has been working primarily on documentaries and commercialsRead More

New Addition To The WOC Crew: Ilya Polyakov


We have been working hard to expand Wide Open Camera into a full blown production company. Our newest crew member Ilya Polyakov is going to head up the “Hollywood” division of Wide Open Camera. A production arm of WOC “Motion & Stills”. Confused yet? Me Too. That’s why we brought on Ilya! So, please  help me to welcome him into the WOC family. Click here to check out some of his recent work. Here is...Read More

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