The name Steadicam is the premium marque of stabilising equipment, designed by inventor and all-round legend Garrett Brown. The Steadicam range is pretty vast these days, catering for all sizes of cameras from monster iMax behemoths (as on Dark Knight) to a tiny video camcorder. The lightweight size of DSLRs ought to be ideally suited to the baby of the range, the Merlin, which can handle cameras up to 7 pounds. But I’m sorry...Read More

Stand Up Gourmet – Quick Take


I recently had the opportunity to shoot for a pretty cool project. My friend, Rich Cascio, contacted me about a project he was set to DP/Direct. The concept consisted of comedian Will Durst traveling around San Francisco sampling the best food, wine and beer this city has to offer. If you don’t know Will Durst, he’s a political satirist based out of San Francisco and has made his niche with his witty take on...Read More

Half Inch Rails Zip Tie Lens Gears For Ten Bucks!


I have been waiting for an inexpensive, almost disposable lens gear for some time. Sam Morgan Moore over at Half Inch Rails has announced a very nifty lens gear for around ten bucks each. We will be selling theme here in the states on Wide Open Camera. Stay tuned for more info. They are currently available in three sizes. Small, Medium and Large. Click here to check it out.Read More

Go Pro HD Hero LCD BacPac Monitor Quick Take Video.


The Go Pro BacPac LCD monitor is awesome. I can’t wait to get this bad boy on the camera. I wanted to get this out to the world as fast as possible. I shot this very quickly with the iPhone 4 and Owle Bubo setup. The LCD BacPac includes four backs for the waterproof housing. It has a small speaker and an on/off button. It plugs right into the back of the Go Pro...Read More



Last week I wrote about the Switronix Powerbase 70 and how useful it was on my trip to Hong Kong. One of the really handy aspects to this way of powering your camera is that it effectively gives you a unified solution to powering your accessories. If you’re a run and gun, audio into the camera, no lights, no monitor kind of shooter then you won’t care. If you’re like me and have all...Read More

Quick Take: Chrosziel Dv Balancer Hand Held Rig.


Here is a Quick Take video of the DV Balancer Rig from Chrosziel. At first we thought the belly bar on this hand held rig was somewhat goofy but after hooking it up to our new Panasonic AF100, we are willing to give it a second try. We finally got this camera and AKS hooked up and are going out tonight to shoot a few tests with it. In all honesty we are still...Read More

Dreaming In Austin. JAG35 Are Heading To SXSW.


DREAMING IN AUSTIN “A short documentary about just doing it.” By: Robin Schmidt Every year hundreds of film festivals take place all over the world bringing together filmmakers, fans, distributors and dealmakers. Festival acceptance is a crucial step in a filmmaker’s progress, a mark of quality that says ‘you’re good enough’. The better the festival the better the perception of you as a filmmaker. That’s how it’s always been. For as long as the...Read More

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