The Girls of CES


Lan and I took to the floor to find out what it’s like for the beautiful women and “booth babes” of tradeshows. We also tried to get a little insight into the best way to approach them without instantly being labeled as “creepy”. Thanks to Mike Ambs for editing, Erica Hampton for assisting, and Veronica Belmont for providing a vetaran’s perspective. - This post was guest written by The Bui BrothersRead More

Heading to CES with Dan Chung for The Guardian, UK.


We are headed down to CES in Las Vegas to check out the WOC crew while they work with Dan Chung for The Guardian, UK. We thought it would be cool to expand our horizons a bit from the still photography world. We will be shooting with the Nikon D7000 to test it’s limits. However, we dig shooting in any format and will be on the look out for any cool new toys that...Read More

10 Tips To Better HDSLR Video.


Here are a few tips I have picked up along the way. They are geared towards shooters just getting into the HDSLR game. 1-For all Professional Canon HDSLR’s we have discovered what we call “Native” ISO’s. They are 160, 320, 640, 1250 and 2500. We have found that the other ISO’s are either a pull down or push up from the native ISO’s. This will improve the quality of the video dramatically. 2-Decrease your...Read More

Looking Ahead To Twenty Eleven. Thank You All So Much!


I was looking through all of the photos of 2010 for a possible retrospective. In the process I found this little video of our dear friend Robin Schmidt. He swung out to Hollywood for the Photo Cine Expo. He pretty much sums up the entire year in this video. We have had such a blast reporting for Cinema5D and also building up our new playground Wide Open Camera. Looking forward, we will be heading...Read More



You know how it goes, here’s this camera I’ve bought and I know I need lenses, and I’m going to need a few and I read all the blogs and I know that Zeiss glass is the best, but I can’t really afford it, but I want to shoot with this new camera of mine but I also need batteries, and an ND filter, and I need to make the thing justify the expense...Read More

Top Ten HDSLR Gear List.


By: Jared Abrams Top ten lists are always tricky. Something is always left out. That being said, here is a top ten list of gear I would recommend to anyone getting into the HDSLR game. The bottom line is that now with the advent of HDSLR cameras all you really need is imagination, determination, a camera, a lens, a hot battery and a newly formatted card. It truly is a great time to be...Read More

Lets Hang Out Together. Going On Tour With Sandy Puc’ May 2011.


By: Jared Abrams I recently had the pleasure of working with still photographer Sandy Puc‘. She is one of the coolest people I have ever met in my life. We were shooting a promo poster for our upcoming Sandy Puc’ Tours with Pin Up photographer Mike Long. We will be hitting twelve cities in twenty-two days this May. Tickets are  $79 US but they agreed to let me offer a discount code for the...Read More

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