Satarii Auto-Following Camera Mount at CES 2011


While shooting at the Polaroid booth we were approached by Brian Lamb and Vlad Tetelbaum to do their first interview at CES about their Satarii project. The Satarii Star is an ingenius camera mounting device for cell phone or other small cameras that automatically follows you as you move side to side by means of a tracker. They have a working model which looks pretty DIY and a “looks like” model which is what...Read More

Uno Nights: Using What You Got


By: Chris Collins Here at Wide Open Camera we stress the importance of the community that HDSLRs have helped create. These cameras have opened the doors for small, inexpensive (if not free), and sometimes spontaneous shoots. I got a call one Friday afternoon not too long ago from my friend, Luke Hanlein, who needed an extra hand on a short film he was shooting that night. Long story short, by the end of the...Read More

Double Full HD 3D Camcorder – Sony TD10 at CES 2011


We got to check out Sony’s new Double Full HD 3D Camcorder, the Sony TD10 at CES 2011. It looks like a great camcorder that won’t replace your DSLR for video but it will allow you to shoot things in full HD 3D. The main thing that makes this camcorder different than the rest is how it uses two independent lenses, sensors and processors to handle the video. Other camcorders use the same sensor...Read More

Polaroid GL30 – Grey Label by Haus of GAGA – CES 2011


Polaroid had a GIANT crowd of people spilling out on all sides of their tiny stage at their medium sized booth waiting to catch a glimpse of Lady GAGA who was rumored to be showing up for a new product announcement. After a bit of a delay the announcement started and revealed 3 new Polaroid products… this Polaroid GL30 camera being the most interesting of the trio. The GL30 is a next-generation Polaroid camera....Read More

Camtrol Stabilizers at CES 2011


We visited the Camtrol booth at CES 2011 to check out their series of camera stabilizing platforms and accessories. John Rowen introduces us to the product line and we check out the variety of mounting options. Camtrol stabilizers excel in low shots, and have legs that fold out so you can set your rig down without it falling over or needing to be laid on its side. There are two versions, the Prime and...Read More

The Girls of CES


Lan and I took to the floor to find out what it’s like for the beautiful women and “booth babes” of tradeshows. We also tried to get a little insight into the best way to approach them without instantly being labeled as “creepy”. Thanks to Mike Ambs for editing, Erica Hampton for assisting, and Veronica Belmont for providing a vetaran’s perspective. – This post was guest written by The Bui BrothersRead More

Heading to CES with Dan Chung for The Guardian, UK.


We are headed down to CES in Las Vegas to check out the WOC crew while they work with Dan Chung for The Guardian, UK. We thought it would be cool to expand our horizons a bit from the still photography world. We will be shooting with the Nikon D7000 to test it’s limits. However, we dig shooting in any format and will be on the look out for any cool new toys that...Read More

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